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The Bluenose. It appears on the Canadian dime.

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Back bacon, followed closely by jelly donuts.

You might be thinking about the sailing vessel known as a "clipper", a very fast sailing ship of the 19th century that had three or more masts and a square rig.

The most famous mountains in Canada are the Rocky Mountains, which lie on the border between Alberta and British Columbia.

The term "sailing" is also used for submarines - the definition of "sailing" has several meanings besides the one most people think about, which is wind billowing through canvas of a sailing vessel. The one that applies is "The skill required to operate and navigate a vessel". It doesn't make any difference if the vessel is above or below the waterline.

The most populous is Ontario

i believe that's ellesmere

The most common name for a Chinese wooden sailing ship that I can think of is the Junk. High bow and stern, various rigging of sails, more of a coaster than a blue water vessel.

Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada's eastern most province.

The power driven vessel should give way to the sailing vessel in most cases. The action taken shall be taken in good time, be obvious and seamanlike and should result in the give way vessel passing at a safe distance.

It is the responsibility of the captain of the vessel to ensure that it can be detected when sailing in fog- nowadays this is mostly done by GPS and by the use of radio communication, but the skipper of a sailing vessel in foggy conditions should also use a foghorn of some kind, be it a hand-held horn powered by compressed air, or a more sophisticated electrical or pneumatic type that is installed on the vessel itself. There is no set type of audio signal to alert other mariners that a sailing vessel is in the vicinity- morse code is no longer used and most modern sailors don't understand it, so it would just be a general foghorn note.

Canada's eastern most province is Newfoundland and Labrador.

Sir Peter Blake is most famous for his last two wins - the 1995 and 2000 America's Cup with Team New Zealand in sailing

Our most important resources are our children, then comes oil, grains, and the fisheries.

It depends on the sailing speed of your vessel. Most boats get about 5 mph under sail or by motor. Most boats could make it in 12 hours.

good and nice canada region most and wonderful place to travel

most canadians live within 100 miles from the united states border

In most places you do not. However because of the nature of the enterprise there are many sailing schools which offer certification. If you charter a vessel to sail it yourself you will need some form of formal certificate.

American cargo vessels at the time, known as "Yankee Cllippers", were quite fast.

the capillaries are the most common blood vessel in the human body.

whats the distance in kilometers from canadas most northern point to its most southern point ?

Most larger sailing vessels have an auxiliary engine for maneuvering and berthing. But sailing is mainly accomplished with wind power

The most typical and obvious answer is on the Port (Left) side of the vessel. However there are more red lights dealing with the navigational lights on a vessel. Depending on the location and placement they could be lights for a vessel not under command, a vessel constrained by her draft and a vessel aground. A pilot boat and a sailing vesselwill display red lights in a different fashion.Rules 25,26,27,28,29 & 30 are helpful.In order to learn more refer to in the 1972 International Convention for Preventing Collisions at Sea (72COLREGS or Rules of the Road) link provided below.

England and France were paramount in the shaping of Canada's development.

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