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Canada is best known for their maple syrup, the Canadian goose, the beaver, having the most freshwater in the world, multiculturalism, free health care, etc.
It is also known for its beautiful sites, rivers, mountain sides, scenery and tourist attractions. Canada has a very clean environment and a very strong economy, and it is also a peaceful country. It is known also for setting the record for the most gold medals won in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
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What is a particular food Canada is known for?

Poutine and their pizza Poutine and their pizza Buttertarts Tourtiere Salt and vinegar chips Ketchup chips nanaimo bars Doesnt any one know that the correct answer is "LOBSTER"

What is the best university in Canada?

The University of Guelph I would have to say The University of New Brunswick because it is a provincial university also known for engineering and hockey and is one of the oldest universities in North America.

What is Canada known for?

Canada is known for its multiculturalism, free health care, acceptance of all individuals, and much more. Canada is known for its passion for hockey which results in an enormous amount of youth hockey players. This talent at a young age has resulted in a dominant national team. Canada is known for m ( Full Answer )

What Canada is best known for?

Free Health care Multiculturalism. Acceptance Crucial roles in both world wars (Juno beach, Vimmy ridge, Hollands Liberation) Human Rights Forming a country without bloodshed Low crime rates Inventing the telephone Discovering Insulin Inventing Basketball, Hockey and lacrosse inventing the lightbulb ( Full Answer )

What is the best law school of Canada?

The top three law schools in Canada are McGill the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall (at York University), with Osgoode lagging behind the first two. U of T is the most competitive in terms of admissions and shares a very strong reputation internationally, as does McGill.

What is Santa Claus known as in Canada?

In Canada, Santa Claus is known as Père Noël to French speakers, Santa Claus to English speakers. The image and traditions associated with him (even in Québec) are similar to those in the United States. Children can write to Santa Claus at his mailing address and get a response, ca ( Full Answer )

Best time to visit Canada?

the winter because the snow is magnificent and you can ski, skate, sledge and go down ice slides!

What is the best model search in Canada?

Panache Model & Talent Management presents the 2009 Intenational Model & Talent Search March 27 & 28 in Winnipeg at Portage Place Shopping Centre! BE DISCOVERED AT THE 2009 INTERNATIONAL MODEL & TALENT SEARCH! The search proves the opportunity for talent to meet leading agencies from all aroun ( Full Answer )

What city is the best in Canada?

VANCOUVER Toronto as well, it is the largest city in Canada, very multicultural and excellent public transportation system

What best describes Canada?

Try these: . Beaver . Moose . Mountains . Snow . White and Red . 10 provinces and 3 territories . Great Lake . Plains . Maple Leaf . Bilingual . Peace-keeping If none of these Molson's Beer made some pretty good Ads for it: . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRI-A3vakVg . http://video ( Full Answer )

What is Canada known as?

Canada is known for it's peacefulness, it's cold weather, and for the syrup from their gorgeous maple trees. It is also known for the love of hockey (go Canadians) and for the beautiful french speaking people (me).

What is the best bank in Canada?

The largest and what many consider to be the best bank in Canada isToronto-Dominion Bank. It used to be Royal Bank of Canada untilearlier in 2014.

What is best city to live in Canada?

Melfort is the best city to live in! Vancouver and Toronto are amazing as well. Best city in Canada to live in would depend on what you like, if you like the the fast paced busy life you would like Toronto which is very multi-cultural, got the subway stations, street cars, busses, best shopping m ( Full Answer )

What is the best places to live in Canada?

Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are the four Major cities, just depends on how you define "best places" to live. everyone has different needs and expectations. Sucha vague question, sorry

Why is canada known for hockey?

There were claims that hockey started in Montreal, Halifax and Kingston, but these still remain to be proven to this day. What was established, however, was the fact that the first hockey organization in Canada, the Ontario Hockey Association, was established on 16th November 1890. . Gurjot Sin ( Full Answer )

What is the best province in canada to live in?

Alberta, Canada for growth and opportunity It depends on what you are looking for BC, has the best climate but it is best enjoyed if you have money. If you do not have money then many of the Eastern Provinces should be considered for their superior social programs. For some best is urban features, t ( Full Answer )

A well known landmark in Canada?

I only have two well known Landmarks in Canada : 1. Canoeists on Medicine lake 2. Centre island, Toronto

When is the best time to be in Ontario Canada?

in the summers near lake Ontario (the lake is pretty), around July/August. if you live somewhere really really hot maybe near the end of February and begging of March when its still a little cold and some snow left.

What are the best insurance agencies in Canada?

That varies on what kind of insurance you are looking for. Your best bet would be to check the yellow pages on line or off line or check with some people you know. They'll also be able to tell you if they're a good company or not, so it has benefits to do it that way.

What are the best laptop deals in Canada?

The best laptop deals in Canada are in TigerDirect or NewEgg. These sites are international, and thus provide a very cheap price for the laptops. Compared to a regular electronics store in Canada, these 2 sites provide the best deals for laptops.

Gm Canada is known to produce what?

GM canada is a corporation in Canada. They give warranty, financing, and information about vehicles in general to soon to be or current motor vehicle customers.

What is the best online casino for canada?

Here a some Canadian online casinos which certified by eCorga, and supports Canadian dollars RedFlush Casino Casino Lavida Jackpot City AllSlots Casino Platinum Play Casino Royal Vegas 32Red Casino all are powered by the leading Microgaming software provider.

Why was Canada originally known as new France?

Part of Canada was a French colony from 1573-1763 until being taken over by the British from 1763-1867. The French colonised on the North American continent in expressed interest on the New World where it is part of Canada and the United States today.

Who is known as the king of Canada?

The British monarch is also the Canadian monarch, as Canada is part of the British Commonwealth. Therefore, there is currently no King of Canada, but Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada.

What is Canada best animal?

It will always be a matter of opinion what the "best" animal is, but I'm partial to the diving loon. This is a water bird with a very distinctive call that escapes predators by diving rather than flying away. Others may vote for the moose (a very large and impressive deer-type mammal), the Canadian ( Full Answer )

Where was the best land for furs in Canada?

The North and Northwest. Many factors play into having animals with the best pelts and one of those factors include healthy animals, and cold weather. These conditions are most often found away from people, warm weather and warm water.

Where in Canada are Best Buy locations?

Most Best Buys are located in Ontario, Canada. But there are also Best Buys located in Alberta, British Colombia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

What is the best cell service in Canada?

Bell is Canada's largest telecommunications company and most popular. It provides telephone services, wireless telephone services, and internet services as well.

Who are some of the best actors in Canada?

The United States isn't the only places to have great actors, Canada do as well! Pamela Anderson, Will Arnett, and Dan Aykroyd just to name a few. To find more you can do some research to find more.

What is West End Jobs in Canada known for?

West End Jobs in Canada is a company that aids people in locating available jobs. West End Jobs in Canada is known for helping consumers find jobs available in the area.

What is Nelco Canada known for?

Nelco Canada is best known for manufacturing motors and generators and is the exclusive dealer in Canada for Maxcess. It is located in Barrie, ON Canada and the General Manager is Brad Hunter.

What is Jeffrey Canada known for?

Geoffery Canada is an American educator and social activist. He has been the CEO of the Harlem's Children Zone since 1990, it's goals are to increase high school and college graduation rates amongst the students in Harlem, New York.

Where is the best places to ski in Canada?

When it comes to skiing in Canada you usually do it in the west or the east. When you go skiing in the west you go to Alberta or British Columbia. If you plan on going in the East, Quebec is the place to go. Some of the more popular resorts such as Whistler, Banff and Mont-Tremblant, offer not just ( Full Answer )

What is known as a state in Canada?

In Canada we have Provinces, almost the same as States in the USA with all the same institutions and similar laws.

Which province in Canada is known as the midnight sun?

The "midnight sun" is seen during the summer months anywhere north of the Arctic Circle in the Northern Hemisphere, or south of the Antarctic Circle in the Southern Hemisphere. For Canada, the appellation Land of the Midnight Sun may refer to those northern regions above the Arctic Circle, includi ( Full Answer )

Who was the best hero of Canada?

Louis Riel because studying his history and the very many different views of him shows Canada to be a Confederation of many Nations, each with many cultures and each with their own history and vision of the future.