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What is Cat 5 phone wire?


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"Cat 5" is shorthand for "Category 5 Cable", a type of UTP (unshielded twisted pair) wire meeting certain performance characteristics.

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Cat-5 and Cat-6 wiring allows you to connect up to 4 telephone numbers to one jack, since there are 4 pairs in the cable.

Cat-5 cable, sometimes called Ethernet cable, is short for Category 5 cable, a current industry standard for network and telephone wiring. Cat-5 cable is unshielded wire containing four pairs of 24-gauge twisted copper pairs, terminating in an RJ-45 jack. If a wire is certified as Cat-5 and not just a twisted pair wire, it will have "Cat-5" printed on the shielding.

the wire you would be looking for is a cat 5 cable this is what connects the xbox to the router or modem

quad light for POT and data Cat. 5 or Cat.6

Cat 5, short for Category 5, is the current preferred industry standard for network and telephone wiring. Cat 5 is an unshielded twisted pair type cable exclusively designed for high signal integrity. The cable consists of four pairs of 24-guage twisted copper pairs terminating in an RJ-45 jack. If a wire is certified as Category 5 and not just twisted pair wire, then it will have "Cat 5" printed on the shielding.

They're different kinds of wire. A CAT5 wire will not handle the same bandwidth as CAT6, so in that sense, they're not "compatible." However, you can use CAT6 wire in applications where CAT5 is called for, since CAT6 is "better" than CAT5.

The music goes through the wire that's connected to your phone and goes in to your phone.

Cat5 cabling normally uses 24AWG solid conductors.

no bell wire is normally 2 core and phone wire is milti core 6 or more but you can use it as phone wire on a single inbound phone line, one number many phones of it.

Yes. Ethernet below gigabit speeds uses only wires 1,2,3,6. If you put your phone on the White-Blue pair you will be fine. This does not meet Cat5 standards, but this does work.

To wire a master phone socket (with capacitor) from the pole (usually orange white if not green black or blue pair ) wires go to screw terminals (for NTE5) or pins 2 and 5 doesn't matter which way round. To wire a secondary (no capacitor) NEW WIRE blue/white fleck -- pin 2 white/blue fleck -- pin 5 orange/white fleck -- pin 3 (bell) OLD WIRE blue -- 2 orange -- 5 brown -- 3 (bell)

There are four wire pairs in CAT 5 cable. (Orange&White Orange, Blue&White Blue, Green&White Green, Brown&White Brown) Not in order of use

You can but it is not a good choice, you need flexible wire for speakers.

Three different materials: nylon, cat gut, and wire Three different materials: nylon, cat gut, and wire

“Is voip phone services compatible with wire less internet?”

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To wire a phone jack, it is best to get a professional. A professional will be able to properly wire your home for a phone. Trying to do this on your own could lead to faulty wiring.

No, the cat 5 wire should cross conduits at an angle of 90 degrees. If the cat 5 wire is installed in conduit then it can be run parallel with the other conduits. Yes they can be installed above the dropped ceilings but tie them up high near the joists.


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Probably not. could YOU eat a phone? :-)

with a wire that you should have got with the phone

To wire Cat5 patch panels, it is done similarly to the way a regular Cat 5 panel is. You should make sure everything is connected correclty, hook it to the device, and the wall.

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u hav to buy a cat 5 wire and u plug that in ps2 and in to enternet and race online

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