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What is Cessna 152 Vs speed at gross weight?


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33kts dirty

38kts clean


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the average take of speed is about 60 to 70 mph

The Cessna 152 American airplane is a two-seat general aviation airplane. It was first introduced in 1977 and built by the company Cessna. Its top speed was 203 km/h.

Yes, a Cessna 152 is considered a light sport and recreational aircraft.

There are many places where one can purchase a Cessna 152 aircraft. One can purchase a Cessna 152 aircraft at popular on the web sources such as Trade a Plane and Controller.

The Aerobat version of the Cessna 152 was designed, built, and certified, to withstand higher stress loads in order to perform aerobatics. While the Cessna 152 was designed to withstand up to 4.4 Gs (4.4 times the force of gravity), aerobatic aircraft are built to withstand 6 Gs or more; sometimes 9 Gs or more. Increased structural support usually results in an increased empty weight.

Depends on your definition of performance. For speed or economy, either the SR-71 or the Cessna 152.

Generally for a small Cessna 152 the rotation speed is 50 kias. For larger jets I am not sure but it's a start

Yes. They are both the same 2-seater airplane, but the 152 has a different, and slightly more powerful engine.

They range from about $25,000 to $40,000

The Cessna Citation X could do that in about 1 hour. It would take the Cessna 152 about 5 hours

Cessna manufactures airplanes ranging from the small 152, to the Citation. Unfortunately, you would have to be more specific in your question.

A small Airplane it is basicly a cessna 152 check it online

The 150 and 152 both have 2 blade propellers.

YES AND NO. Firstly, the 152 is a more forgiving aircraft, but many people prefer the Tomahawk (PA38) for it's techniques. In terms of performance: Cessna 152- 110HP engine. 90KT cruise speed. 14,000 Service ceiling. 800FPM climb PA38- 115HP engine. 118KT cruise speed. 13,000 Service ceiling. 750FPM climb. So, the 152 is nicer to fly as it climbs quicker, but when in the cruise, the PA38 is faster. I would recommend flying the 152. It is a better aircraft to train in and also VERY stable. I agree, C152 everytime. the fact that a lot of flying instructors refer to the PA38 as either a Terrorhawk, or Traumahawk is a clue to it's popularity.

with a cessna 152 a 2 seater it will cost about ยฃ4000 a year

Cessna are the manufacturers of light aircraft and biz Jets, Many of the aircraft are produced in the US with the exception of the upcoming 162 model which will be made in China. Cessna itself is a division of Textron who also own Bell Hellicopters. Cessna Have Produced models from the infamous training aircraft; the 152 from the Citation Bussiness Jet. Cessna's can typicaly be found at flight training schools, They are comparable to Piper Aircraft. I fly a 152 and it is a single engine light aircraft, very controlable and comfortable. For further reading try googling Cessna. Hope this helps

68.9460402 kilograms = 152 lb335.102639 pounds = 152 kg

The earlier models of the Cessna 150 had a straight up vertical stabilizer and no back window. Later models had a slanted vertical stabilizer and back windows. The Cessna 152 was introduced in 1977 with a slightly higher horsepower engine, slanted vertical stabilizer, and back windows. The 152's cabin is 3 inches wider, and Cessna upgraded from the 150's 100 horsepower Continental O-200 engine to the 108 horsepower Lycoming O-235-L2C engine. The cruise speed for the 152 is between 100-110 MPH. The 150 is about 97 MPH. Cessna 150's make better stol aircraft as they have flaps that extend to 40 degrees while the 152 only goes to 30. Flap extension on the Cessna 152 was reportedly restricted to only 30 degrees as a safety precaution, in case the flaps could not be retracted during a go-around (aborted landing). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the 150, only the L in STOL applies! It should be SL...period. Also, the wider cabin appeared in 1967. I used to own a '67 Cessna 150, Good time builder, but don't plan on getting anywhere fast. Not too comfortable for pilots with long legs too. On long X-country, you could sit in the middle, left foot on the left side rudder pedal, and right foot on the right side right rudder pedal, just to be able to stretch your legs. ------------------------------ My C150L had a normal cruise speed of 115 mph at 75% power, 6 gph. If you really need the T in STOL, check into the Texas Taildragger version, with the larger O-320 engine.

His weight is 152 Pounds

its pretty much the same just little bigger engine and sitting capacity up to 4 person in 172 where as 152 has only 2 seats. 172 carrys more fuel then 152. 172 has two types tank. one for long haul and other for short haul. otherwise these two planes has almost the same features. and very good aircraft for training. i did my PPL in 152's and IR in 172's milan, TX The Cessna 150 was introduced in 1957 modeled after the Cessna 140 tail dragger. It is mostly a training aircraft and has two seats. The last model was produced in 1985. The Cessna 172 is a 4 seat aircraft that looks like a bigger 150. It was introduced in 1955 and is still in production today.

Larger aircraft have larger wings, larger wings create more lift. Also, a small aircraft's descent speed is (for example: a Cessna 152) <65kts, a Boeing 747's descent speed is 150-180kts.

It depends what kind of Cessna airplane you are talking about. Cessna has made anything from a single engine 152 that has an airspeed of about 120 mph to a Citation X, a business jet capable of flying at mach .92 (over 600 mph), which is just under the speed of sound. It is about 1150 air miles from Denver to Detroit, so the flight in a 152 would take 9.5 hours (not including stops for fuel or factoring in winds aloft), while the Citation X could do it in just under 2 hours non-stop.

152 k/ph all stock im weight around 90 to 110..

223 cu. in. So my calculation says 3511cu. cm The engine in a Cessna 152 is a Lycoming O-235, so a little larger than 223. The "O" stands for opposed, referring to the piston layout in a flat 4 configuration, and the 235 is the capacity in cubic inches. This works out to 3850cc.

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