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Cher was born Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere on May 20, 1946.

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What is Chers sons name?

elijah blue allman

What does Chers Amis mean in French?

chers amis means 'dear friends' in French.

What is Sonny and Chers only child's name?

Chastity, except that now that she has become a man the name has been changed to Chaz

What is Chers disability?


What is Chers hobbies?


What Chers favorite color?

It is orange

What is Chers mum and dads first name?

She was born Cherilyn Sarkisan - her Father's name is John Paul Sarkisian, and her mother is Georgia Holt

Miss you dear translate in french?

I miss you dear = Je m'ennuie de vous, chers OR miss you dear = vous me manquez chers

What actors and actresses appeared in Mes chers parents - 2005?

The cast of Mes chers parents - 2005 includes: Florence Cabaret

Mes Chers amis?

My dear friends.

Is Chers daughter really a man?

Yes, Chasity Bono has changed her sex. She/He's now a man and her/his name is Chaz.

How do you write dear Gentlemen in French?

"chers messieurs, "

How do you say my dears in french?

my dears=mes chers

How do you divide bleachers into syllable?


Who is the father to chers son Elijah blue?

Greg Alman

Who raps on Chers song want you back?

Mike Posner

How do you say in French Welcome dear Friends?

bienvenue chers amis

how do you say how are you friends in french?

Comment allez-vous chers amis ?

What was Chers Lloyd's first album she bought?

want u back

Why was Cher's perfume discontinued?

Because Chers vag smells like terrorism.

Can you say cher amis in french?

No, the correct way to say it is chers amis.

What is the stressed syllable in creatures?

The first syllable of creatures is stressed. (kree-chers)

How do you say dear friends in French?

chers amis is how to say dear friends in French.

What is Chers address?

she lives somewhere in Tampa Florida. I seen her house and its really pretty

What is Katy perry real name and why does she not have real name as her stage name?

Her real name is Julia Breker.