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Q: What is Cherokee geography?
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How did geography affect the way the Cherokee lived?

i don't know i wasnt a Cherokee

What was the geography of the Cherokee land?

mosit and smooth

What is the geography of the Cherokee tribe?

I Dotn Know !

How did geography and climate influence Cherokee lifestyle?

i don't knowthe poops help it out

Did the Cherokee Indians ever move because of the geography?

Geography did play a hand in their moving but it was more that the way of farming on flood plains was declining. Some tribes did keep farming, but the Cherokee moved on to villages in river valleys.

What did geography affect the Cherokee nation?

Not a very good one, i always got a D in that class.

How did the geography of the Eastern Woodlands region affect the daily life of the Catawba Cherokee and Yemassee Indians?

beacause the catawba was a lower colony than the others

What is difference between geography and systemetic geography?

geography is geography

How many types of geography are there and what are they?

3 and they are; >Environmental geography.>Physical geography.>Human geography.

How long does it take to drive from nashville to cheroke?

Did you mean Cherokee, GA, Cherokee, OK, Cherokee, TX, Cherokee, AL, Cherokee, NC, Cherokee, SC, Cherokee, IA, or Cherokee, KS ?.

What are the sub-branches of geography?

sub branches of geography are climatology,political geography,settlement geography,economic geography,geomorphology,mathematical geography,cartography and etc.

What is the scope and subject matter of geography?

scope of geography is the range of subjects in which are covered by geography as a discipline. subject matter of geography is the all about geography or parts of geography, for example topical or physical geography and regional o human geography.

Is agriculture part of geography?

No, geography is geography and agriculture is agriculture.

What are the major branches of geography?

physical geography and human geography

What is the other type of geography other than physical geography and environmental geography?

The other geography is called Human Geography, the study of humans and their interaction with the land. It includes the subcategory of cultural geography. Human geography is also called Social geography.

What is geography in Greek?


What is Greeks geography?


Why are two specialized fields of geography?

two specialized fields of geography are: physical geography, and human geography

Which are included in the five subfields of geography?

Human geographyPhysical geography

What is thematic geography?

Thematic Geography is geography based on a certain theme.

What are the two major branches of geography?

physical geography and human geography

Two main branches of geography?

Human Geography Physical Geography

What are two specialized fields in geography?

Economic Geography Human Geography

Major of geography include physical geography and human geography.?


Major what of geography include physical geography and human geography?