What is Chinese food?

First we need to clarify what Chinese Cuisine is. Unlike most cuisines around the world, Chinese Cuisine is incredibly different between countries. Americans who go to China and Chinese who come to the United States are often wildly surprised by the menus they see and recognize nothing or next to nothing. (For example, General Tsao's Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and Cold Noodles do not exist in China at all.)

The styles of Chinese's cuisine differs primarily between Western countries, which, by and large, feature an American Chinese menu, China itself, and East Asian countries, which have a Chinese menu with different modifications.

American Chinese Food
American Chinese food is defined by mild, soy-based sauces and the use of large amounts of meat and smaller amounts of vegetables. Some common dishes include General Tsao's Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Pork-Fried Rice and Cold Noodles. Most dishes come with rice and are prepared by stir-frying or steaming. Additionally, most American Chinese restaurants have the same menu, so it is relatively clear upon entering what can be ordered, even if you have never been to that place before.

Chinese Chinese Food
The Chinese love their food immensely and are proud of its history and traditions. The foods are actually quite diverse across the country. Most dishes have a large amount of vegetables with some meat added, usually pork. There are a large number of jaozi and baozi, which are dry dumplings that are steamed and prepared. There are also stewed and grilled meats and vegetables, which are served with spicy or mild sauces. There are also many types of noodle dishes. I have included an episode from a series called "A Bite of China" which is about Chinese Chinese food and its diversity throughout China.

East Asian Chinese Food
Koreans have a distinct form of Chinese food, which features a lot of soups and thick stews. Korean Chinese food also uses heavy amounts of pork and shellfish. To see some Korean Chinese food, I have included a video discussing it below.

There a lot of Chinese foods. Chinese foods is of course from China which is located in Asia. The most famous and traditional Chinese foods include: nian gao, zong zi and also the fa gao. You will find lots of Chinese restaurants around so maybe you can try some out.