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Diced chicken & roast pork, shrimp, scallops, crab meat sauteed with mixed vegetables in brown sauce.

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Q: What is Chinese food called Hawaii five o?
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Why is Chinese food in the US so different than in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a state with a high Asian population, whereas mainland Chinese food has been much more Americanized.

Why did the Chinese immigrate to Hawaii?

Chinese came to Hawaii to work in the sugar plantation fields. Their contract was that they would stay there for five years and would receive transportation, wages of $3.00 a month, food, clothing, and housing. But the main reason was to earn money...

How many calories in Chinese food?

forty five

Is Chinese food American in origen?

Of course not! There is a reason Chinese food is called Chinese food. Anyways the Chinese have been around way before there was even an America.

Why Chinese restaurants called garden?

because chinese like food from gardens. ahaahahahahah

How do the Chinese serve their foods?

There are five types of Chinese cooking. Some areas of China serve food with rice. Some serve food with wheat noodles.

What is the Chinese food dish called dancing dragon?


What does the Chinese system of food cures do?

Chinese food cures operate within this system of cosmic principles, symbolic correlation of internal organs with the five elements, and the meridian system.

What are some Chinese food dishes?

there is a Chinese food called rice it is good as well as fried noodles go get some at Michu Wok

The state food of Hawaii?

There is no Official State food for Hawaii.

What is the Chinese food diet be?

The Chinese food diet is simple: Do not eat Chinese Food.

What kind of food in Hawaii?

The food in Hawaii is yam peach & coconut

Is a pineapple one of the state food of Hawaii?

There is no state food of Hawaii.

How did the Chinese take out come to be?

Chinese take out isn't actually Chinese take out. Chinese take out is and was made in America and other countries, but it is not actually Chinese food. they just made up foods they thought was Chinese and called it 'Chinese food'. i know this b/c I'm Chinese and i eat "real" Chinese food everyday. but it is really real Chinese food. there is not food in china that's called the orange chicken or teriyaki or any other really sweet dish. Chinese people aren't really sweet food eaters. also, at Chinese resturaunts, even the real ones, they give fortune cookies. that is also developed in America and china does not have fortune cookies. okay, hope that helps :]

Is Chinese food a good food?

Personally I am very fond of Chinese food. Chinese food is really healthy.

What do the people of Hawaii eat?

Since there are many different cultures in our island, because of immigration, we have different kinds of food!!! We sometimes have Hawaiian foods and Korean foods, Chinese, Filipino foods, you can name them all. The cultures of collide together in Hawaii to have different kinds of food we offer here in Hawaii.

What food do Chinese chicken eat?

Chinese Food.

Which is better pizza or Chinese food?

Chinese food

Chinese or Mexican food?

i prefer Chinese food over Mexican, cause am hispanic so i eat that food occasionaly and i love Chinese food

What is the national food of Hawaii?

PoiPoi is the national food of Hawaii. Poi is a starchy food that is made from taro root. Poi was brought to Hawaii from Polynesia.

Where can one find Chinese food recipes?

If you are looking for Chinese Food, try Chinese Food Recipes. If you want a video/program guide on how to cook these recipes. Go to the BBC iPlayer and they have a program called Chinese Food Made Easy and you can watch to get some ideas and also all their recipes are available online.

The exact five spices in five-spice powder vary from kitchen to kitchen In what sort of restaurant would be most likely be served five-spice flavored food?


Is Chinese food really Chinese?

That depends on what chinese food you eat. It's really for a good taste if you eat the traditional chinese food.

Is sushi Chinese food?

yes...its Chinese food'

Does Japanese food have anything to do with their culture?

Yes it does. That is why it is called Japanese food. Some Japanese foods are in common with Chinese food too.

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