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Coriander is also called Chinese parsley.

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Another name for coriander?

cilantro or chinese parsley

What is cilantro also known as?

Chinese parsley. also coriander seed.

What is the Tamil name for parsley herb?

Parsley is Chinese coriander. It looks like our Indian coriander (kothamalli) but it doesn't have that significant aroma which our kothamalli has.

What is parsley translated into Chinese?

I am slightly unsure about this one, as there seems to be some confusion among my friends as to the difference between parsley and coriander (or cilantro in the US). I will triple check and report back! However, I think that the Chinese for Parsley is 香菜 (xiang1 cai4).香菜 = xiāngcài

Do guinea pigs eat Chinese parsley?

Yes, they do. Chinese parsley could be a very great source of vitamin C. Plus, it improves digestive tract functions of guinea pigs. Small amount per day is adequate.

Is parsley a leaf or a flower?

Parsley is a bright green biennial herb, often used as spice. It is common in Middle Eastern, European, and American cooking. In modern cooking, parsley is used for its leaf in much the same way as coriander (which is also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro), although parsley is perceived to have a milder flavor.

What is MALLI Leaves?

Malli leaves is also known as KOTHIMBIR or Coriander or Chinese parsley

What spice will substitute for coriander?

parsley. Specifically, Chinese parsley or cilantro . For ground dried coriander, maybe just a wee touch of cloves or some Basil leaf.

Named for the Greek word for bedbug what herb's leaves are known as cilantro or Chinese parsley?


Which is better English or Chinese parsley?

That is an opinion question. It depends on which one a person likes so there really isn't a right answer.

What other names is parsley known by?

Common names for this herb include parsley breakstone, garden parsley, rock parsley, parsley, and petersylinge.

How do you spell parsley?

Parsley is correct

How much dried parsley is equal to 2 teaspoons fresh parsley?

1 tsp dried parsley = 1 tbsp fresh parsley

Is parsley an herb or a spice?

Parsley is a herb.

When was parsley domesticated?

parsley was domesticated in1667

Do rabbits eat parsley?

Rabbits can eat parsley. I have a rabbit and he eats parsley all the time.

What is a sentence for 'parsley'?

No, Officer Krupke; that is a piece of parsley stuck between my teeth. Most people think that the piece of parsley on the plate is just for looks, but I always eat mine when I am finished with my meal. Parsley is green.

What is the difference between parsley and Italian parsley?

Size, and in my opinion, flavor. Italian parsley has broader leaves.

What is coriandrum sativum?

That is the Latin name of the common Coriander plant. Also known as cilantro or Chinese Parsley, it is much used in Asian and Arabic foods

What is the Latin name for parsley?

Parsley would be Perejil

Can parsley cause miscarriage?

You can safely eat parsley.

What is the plural for parsley?

Parsley is both singular and plural

Ano ang parsley sa tagalog?


What actors and actresses appeared in Rod Parsley - 1996?

The cast of Rod Parsley - 1996 includes: Joni Parsley as Co-Host Rod Parsley as Host

How much dried parsley should you use in place of fresh parsley?

If the recipe calls for fresh parsley, you can use 1/3 the amount of dried parsley in its place.