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Kris Kringle is who the modern day people know as Santa Claus. He is the big jolly old man who delivers toys and Christmas spirit at Christmas.

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What was the real name of Santa Claus?

Chris Cringle

What is often given as Santa's birth name?

Chris Cringle

What is Christmas cringle?

Chris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus.

Is Chris Cringle real?

It depends largely on your belief if Kris Kringle is real.

How do you spell chris cringle?

The alternate name for Santa Claus is usually spelled Kris Kringle.

Where do you find the guy in the red suit on Dragon Quest IX?

Sounds like you mean Chris Cringle. His house is on Cringle Coast, on the northeast of the map, the island is surrounded by rocks so you will need the Starflight Express to get there.

When was Noel Cringle born?

Noel Cringle was born on 1937-12-16.

What are six different names for Santa Claus?

Santa Clause st. nicholous chris cringle father christmas old man christmas st. nick

What actors and actresses appeared in Tom Cringle in Jamaica - 1913?

The cast of Tom Cringle in Jamaica - 1913 includes: Elsie Barone as Senora Harry Lorraine as Tom Cringle Percy Moran as Spaniard

What are American names for Santa Claus?

st. nick jolly old st. nicholas st. nicholas santa clause santa chris cringle santa baby

What are the ratings and certificates for Tom Cringle in Jamaica - 1913?

Tom Cringle in Jamaica - 1913 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What is a reinforced hole in sailcloth called?


What is another name for Santa Claus?

St. NickTheres saint nick, chris cringle, father christmas, and a ton of others.Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas.

What baked good is the most Danish city in America?


What is Christ cringle?

There is no such thing. However, they called Santa, Kris Kringle

What actors and actresses appeared in The Skipper of the Osprey - 1916?

The cast of The Skipper of the Osprey - 1916 includes: Kenelm Foss Judd Green Hayford Hobbs as Charlie Lee Frank Stanmore as Skipper Cringle Renee Wakefield as Maggie Cringle

What are the four names for Santa?

# Santa Clause # Saint Nicholas # Cris Cringle # Santa Claus

What was the conflict in Miracle on 34th Street?

Whether or not the old gentleman, Kris Cringle, was in reality... Santa Claus.

What are two Christmas words that rhyme?

jingle and cringle or single and ringle dont worry that doesnt make sense to me either

Mrs Cringle is buying Christmas presents for her 6 grandchildren to give one another. How many presents must she buy?

6*5 = 30

How much did it cost to enter the 6th annual Las Vegas Great santa run and Kris cringle jingle on December 4 2010?

25-45 Euros.

How do you make a chris cringle orange?

get a plain orange and stick a white candle into the center. next, get some red ribbon and a thumb tack, and rap the ribbon around it, using the thumb tack to keep it in place. finally the fun part get four tooth picks and put them in the orange with an equal distance between each other then put any sweet, or sweets, of your choice on the tooth picks.

Characters of middle passage?

Some of the characters in Middle Passage were Captain Ebenezer Falcon and Isadora Bailey. Other characters in Middle Passage were Rutherford Calhoun and Peter Cringle.

What is a black name that starts with chris?

Chris Brown, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, [Chris]topher Martin, [Chris]topher Reid

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Chris in Italian is Chris.