What is Christopsomo?

Traditional Greek Christmas Bread

Many Greek traditions center around baking, and few are more deeply ingrained in Greek culture than the Christmas Bread, Christopsomo, literally Christ's bread.

This loaf is traditionally baked using the most expensive ingredients and served on Christmas Eve when the head of the household blesses the loaf and each person at the table gets a slice, drizzled with honey. Each region of Greece has its own variation, although it is customarily decorated with a cross wherever it is made.


•4 ½ C. All-Purpose Flour

•2 ¼ C. Sugar

•3 Tbsp. Cinnamon

•1 Tbsp. Ground Anise

•2 tsp. Ground Cloves

•3 Navel Oranges

•6 Tangerines

•2 Tbsp. Toasted Pine Nuts, Chopped

•2 ½ C. Dried Currants

•1 C. Golden Raisins

•1 C. Olive Oil

•4 Packets Dry Yeast

•½ tsp. Sugar

•½ C. Warm, but not Hot Water

•4 C. all-purpose Flour

Soak the Fruit

Squeeze some of the oranges and tangerines to make ¾ c. juice. Soak the currants and raisins in the juice overnight, covered in the refrigerator.

Prepare the Aromatic Flour

Combine the 4 ½ C. flour, sugar, cinnamon, anise, cloves, and pine nuts in a large bowl. Add zest from some of the oranges and tangerines. Squeeze another ¾ c juice and combine with the olive oil in a small saucepan. Heat until very hot, but not boiling. Pour the mixture into the bowl with the flour mixture and combine. Set aside.