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Curative treatment is the data that shows how many patients survive after certain procedures. The success rate for treatment of brain tumors varies a lot depending on what kind of tumor it is.

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What is the difference between curative and palliative treatment for brain tumors?

Curative treatment is to literally cure a brain tumor, such as radiotherapy or surgery to remove the tumor. However, in some cases, the brain tumor cannot be cured. Palliative treatment is used to relieve symptoms such as headaches or nausea that often occur with brain tumors. In short, palliative treatment is used to make a patient as comfortable as possible, but does not address the underlying problem.

Does surgery remove brain tumors?

Surgery is the treatment of choice for accessible brain tumors

What is one way doctor's treat brain tumors?

Some treatment options for brain tumors are surgery, cryogenics, radiation, and chemotherapy.

What is the number one cause of brain tumor?

Doctors do not know what causes many brain tumors. Some brain tumors come from other diseases. Most brain tumors that doctors know the cause of are caused by previous Radiation treatment or Radiation poisoning.

What are Primary brain tumors?

Primary brain tumors originate in the brain

What is the cure of brain tumor?

According to me we have to take care of our health brain tumors usually have an obvious border or edge/ They are likely to grow rapidly and crowd or invade the nearby healthy brain tissue.Answer:Brain tumors can either be benign or cancer related. In the case of benign tumors excision, chemical treatment or simple observation may be a route to treatment. For cancerous tumors the normal treatments of radiation, removal or chemotherapy may be attempted. There is no guaranteed cure for either type.

Is there a treatment for huntington's disease?

Yes,but not curative.

How are nanotubes used in applications outside of the space program?

they are used in the development of safer treatment for brain tumors :)

How do you make a sentence with the word curative?

A curative is a medicine or medical treatment capable of curing. An example sentence is: Those herbs sure do seem like a great curative.

Do Malignant brain tumors have borders?

Malignant brain tumors do not have distinct borders

Is metastatic SOL's in brain is same as brain cancer?

Metastatic SOL's or tumors found in the brain are same as brain cancer. Metastatic tumors are one of the most common type of tumors found in the brain.

What is the most malignant of all brain tumors?

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumors are the most malignant of all brain tumors

Can Brain tumors develop at any age?

Brain tumors can develop at any age

What are the prevalent primary brain tumors?

Gliomas are the most prevalent primary brain tumors

What is inside Benign brain tumors?

Benign brain tumors are composed of harmless cells

Do brain tumors spread?

Brain tumors spread by local extension and rarely metastasize (spread) outside the brain

Are metastatic brain tumors deadly?

yes, metastatic brain tumors can be deadly if not treated properly.

Who is at a higher risk of brain tumors?

Men and caucasians have a higher risk of developing brain tumors

Can Benign brain tumors become malignant?

Benign brain tumors sometimes become malignant

Where should you go for treatment of neurofibromatosis?

First - Family Physician my refer you to --- Tumor specialist remove tumors on nerves causing pain from direct pressure Neurologist for tumors on the spine or brain Plastic surgeon to remove tumors that have caused deformity First - Family Physician my refer you to --- Tumor specialist remove tumors on nerves causing pain from direct pressure Neurologist for tumors on the spine or brain Plastic surgeon to remove tumors that have caused deformity

Why would these be helpful in the treatment of tumors?

tumors grow in the process of mitosis

What common tumors are found in the cardiovascular system and the integumentary system?

* brain tumors and facalie tumors

What is a primary tumors?

Tumors that initially arise and grow within the brain are termed primary tumors

What types of tumors are often removed by surgery?

Benign tumors (non-cancerous) such as brain tumors.

What age do brain tumors occur at?

Most brain tumors occur in people over 70 years of age