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What is Cut time in HPLC or GC?

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10 - 15 minutes

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Why volatile compounds are analysed in gc but not in hplc?

GC can give very resolved sharp peaks with short run time compared to hplc. additionally, there is less compatibility issue in setting an MS up to a GC than HPLC

Which one is advanced gc or hplc?

HPLC is advanced

What are the advantages of HPLC over GC?

The time required for separations vary less for HPLC than GC. High pressure is used in HPLC. Length of the column is small. GC is used for only volatile compounds mainly and only 15% of organic compounds are volatile but in HPLC both volatile and non volatile compounds are analyzed.

What is the deference between GC and GCHS?

What is deference GC, HPLC & GCHS

What is the difference between HPLC and GC?

I do not know what either of those things are but I bet there is a difference just letting you know that I think that HPLC stand for HEY.PLEASE.LICK.COCK. And GC stands for GO.CUNK

The principle difference between the hplc and gas chromatography?

In HPLC, the carrier is liquid while in GC, the carrier is gas.

How does HPLC complement GC in the analysis environmental products?

i have no answer for it...think yurself...

What analytic method is more preferrable betwee GC and HPLC?

Whether GC or HPLC is a more preferable analytical method depends on the material being analyzed for, the likely concentration in which it is found, and what medium it may be in/on (water, oil, different kinds of filters, etc.) There is no single, universally applicable answer.

Retention time in Hplc?

The Time-Taken the sample Or elute in the column is called the retention time in hplc.

What kind of species can be separated by high performance liquid chromatography but not gas chromatography?

HPLC can separate nonvolatile species and GC cannot.

Retention time calculation for hplc?

why RT was shifting & how to RT calculation in HPLC

What is RRT and RRF in hplc?

In HPLC RRT means Relative Retention Time and RRF is Relative Response Factor

How can you determine retention time of a compound?


Difference hplc assay and hplc purity and hplc potency?

HPLC purity :It explains how pure our analyte is in the given mixture .It is not related to the how much our analyte is in the given mixture.i.e Percentage of a our analyte with out impuritys in HPLC.(Known or Unknown)HPLC assay :It explains how much is our analyte in the given mixture(The content of our component in the given mixture).It is not related to analyte purity.HPLC potency :It is measurement of our analyte how potent it is.i.e Purity of our analyte with out all possible impuritys like chromatographic impuritys(HPLC,GC-Residual solvents,TLC),heavy metals,sulphated ash ..etcFor example:If we have a analyte of some X of purity 99.5%.Prepare 20%,60% and 90% of solution of X.inject all these solution in hplc.For 20% solution you will get 99.5% purity and 20% assay.For 60% solution you will get 99.5% purity and 60% assayFor 90% solution you will get 99.5% purity and 90% assay.

How do you distinguised np-hplc and rp-hplc?

NP-HPLC is "Normal Phase" HPLC, wherein the solvents used are less polar than the substrate in the HPLC column (e.g. using hexane or dichloromethane with a silica HPLC column). RP-HPLC is "Reverse-Phase" HPLC, wherein the solvents used are more polar than the substrate in the HPLC column (e.g. using Water and Methanol with a octadecylsilane (ODS or C18) column).

What is void time in hplc?

The time required to elute unretained peak from column is known as void time

What is the retention time of benzene while running through HPLC?


What is rs-hplc?

"RS-HPLC method" means "Related Substance HPLC Method".

What does medical code 82542 stand for?

CPT Code 82542- Column chromatography/mass spectrometry (eg, GC/MS, or HPLC/MS), analyte not elsewhere specified; quantitative, single stationary and mobile phase.

Mechanism of end capping in hplc column?

what is endcapping of hplc column

Where is the fuel cut off switch on a 99 jeep gc?

Jeep does not use inertia/reset switches.

What is C8 and C18?

HPLC columns. (HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography.)

Definition of standard in HPLC?

Answer: HPLC standards are an indispensible tool for analytical HPLC applications. They are used to monitor column performance & calibrate detector response.

I'm in first year in Biotechnology.wats da scope of Robotics in Biotechnology?

done msc biotech and worked on hplc and gc. doing now reaserch on rice to know dominating genes by markera. how this vl help me getting a job

What is mean by delay volume in HPLC analysis?

how long time gradient reach column.