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DN 14K stands for a diamond necklace that is 14 karats of gold. 14K is the amount of gold or alloy that is in the necklace.


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14 karat gold and dn means diamond

"14K G.O." Stands for 14K gold overlay. It is not solid 14K.

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14k is 14k in gold, f6 is the band size

the 14k means 14 carats of silver. but i do notno what THL means.sorry it does not mean 14k of silver! 14k WHITE GOLD ...worth more then silver....14k white gold is silver in color...but it is GOLD metal

14k is the same as £14,000.

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14K normally means 14 thousand.

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14K GB means 14K (G)old over (B)ase metal.

14K GB means 14K (G)old over (B)ase metal.14kItaly stamped on jewelry means its real or fake

14K means 14/24, of 7/12, which is 58% gold. Unplated means that a) the jewelry is not simply plated with the 14K gold, but it is 14K gold through and through, and b) the 14K gold is not plated with anything else.

14K refers to 14K gold. The GG is most likely the makers mark (signifying who made the piece).

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