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"Democracy in America" is a two-volume French book Alexis de Tocqueville wrote after he was sent to study the American prison system by the French government. The book is about various aspects of American life, such as social justice, religion, politics, and the economy.

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Q: What is De Tocqueville's Democracy in America?
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Who was the author of Democracy in America?

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote Democracy in America.

Who wrote democracy in America?

Alexis de Tocqueville

What is Alexis de tocqueville's Democracy in America?

Democracy in America is a text written by Alexis de Tocqueville, usually in French. It was written after he studied the American prison system extensively.

Who is the author of the book 'Democracy in America'?

French historian and political thinker, Alexis de Tocqueville is the author of the book "Democracy in America." "Democracy in America" was published in two volumes, the first in 1835 and the second in 1840.

Where does Alexis de Tocqueville speak about American Exceptionalism?

In his work 'Democracy in America'

Who wrote the book called Democracy in America?

A Frenchman named Alexis de Tocqueville.

Did the french thinker Marquis de Lafayette write democracy in America?

no he didnt. the french thinker, Alexis De Tocqueville did.

Who coined the term individualism?

I believe it was coined by Alexis de Tocqueville in his "Democracy in America" about 1835.

What did Alexis de Tocqueville do?

Alexis de Tocqueville was known as a historian, philosopher and a political thinker. He wrote Democracy in America in 1835.

When was Democracy for America created?

Democracy for America was created in 2004.

When was Democracy in America created?

Democracy in America was created in 1835.

What type of democracy do you have in America?

Representative democracy

What phrase did Alexis de Tocqueville coin to describe Americans in his 1835 work Democracy in America?

nation of workers

What kind of government did the colony of Pennsylvania have?

== == It was the first democracy in America It was the first democracy in America

When was Social Democracy of America created?

Social Democracy of America was created on 1897-06-07.

Is America a fascist country?

No, America is a Democracy.

What did Alexis de Tocqueville say about American democracy?

De Tocqueville thought very highly of American democracy, describing its potential in perpetuation of the achievement of "human greatness" in his masterpiece, Democracy in America(1835). De Tocqueville viewed philosophies with a slight disdain because of their impracticality, but in the United States, he wrote that it exists as one of the most developed countries that does not preoccupy itself with "philosophic thought." De Tocqueville cites this as the reason for their achievements in politics, democracy and "human greatness."

What cultural movement influenced the development of democracy in America?

what cultural movement influenced the development of democracy in America?

What states in South America are democracy?

States in South America that are democracy include Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay. In addition, Brazil and Chile is also a democracy state.

How long has America been governed as a democracy?

Actually, the United States of America is NOT a democracy- it is a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference.

What is one way Americans can participate in their Democracy?

America is not a democracy, it is a Republic.

How is America form of democracy different from the athenian form of democracy?


Which country founded democracy?

United State of America Founded democracy

What are two examples of direct democracy in America today?

Participatory democracy and deliberative democracy are two examples.

What kind of democracy do you have in America?

In the United States of America there is Presidential form of Federal democracy. It is a coming together federation of states