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What is Deion Sanders best 40-yard dash time?

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According to the NFL Network, the time was 4.26 seconds.

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What is Deion Sanders best 40 yard dash time?

Sanders was timed at 4.28 in 1989.

Deion Sanders 40 yard dash time?

what was Dion sanders 40 yard dash time in collage

Deion Sanders forty time?

Deion Sanders ran a time of 4.27 seconds in his forty yard dash. He did this at the NFL scouting combine in 1989.

Deion Sanders 40 time?

Deion Sanders has a recorded 40 yard dash time of 4.27 seconds. This places him among the fastest in the National Football League.

Deion Sanders 40?

He ran a 4.16 unofficial 40 yard dash at his combine.

What is Deion Sanders 40 yard dash time?

he ran a 4.21 in pads and a 4.1 in sweatpants

What did chris johson get on his 40yard dash?


Did Deion Sanders once run 4.6 forty yard dash backwards?

ya, he ran it in 4.4 tim joy

Chris Johnson 40yard dash?

Johnson runs a 4.24 Fastest in NFL

How fast did reggie bush run his 40yard dash?

he ran it in 4.33 seconds

Is Reggie Bush as fast as Deion Sanders in the 40 yard dash when Deion was Reggies age?

Reggie Bush will never be as fast as Deion Sanders. He may not even be able to beat Deion now. Deion Sanders has freak speed, while Bush is just fast. But not that fast! Deion, 4.21, Reggie, 4.3 something. That is it, that is all! deion ran a 4.1 forty with pads on so figure it out a sub four forty without pads that's blazing fast.......... Deion ran a 4.19 40 in sweat pants players now days wear only spandex my guess he would have ran the 40 in 4.09 if he got wat players now days get and he ran the 40 4.6 BACKWARDS Deion: 4.19 Reggie: 4.31

What does Oregon qb 40yard dash time?

Which QB were you referring to? Masoli? Thomas? Dixon?

How fast in mph is running 40yard dash in 4-35seconds?

like 23mph

Average offensive lineman 40 yard dash?

The average oline 40yard dash is 5.24 sec.... 4.6-4.7 is prestige

How fast do you have to be to be a running back?

You have to be able to run at least a 5.5 40yard dash or else you have no chance.

Is a 5.0 sec fast for a forty yard dash for a kid who is thirteen yr old?

yes it is very fast, keep working hard and you will be like deion sanders someday.

Who is the fastest football player in the NFL in 2010?

Devin Hester is capable of running the 40yard dash in 4.30!

Who is derrick falke?

Running back and Safety for Elgin,Texas 2005-2008. 4.5 40yard dash 30olbsbench press

How fast did Randy Moss run the 40 yard dash?

4.0 At Florida State Moss ran a 4.25, the second fastest time behind Deion Sanders (4.23) i think randy moss is as fast as 4.5

Who has the fastest NFL combine record in the forty-yard dash?

Michael Vick and Deon Sanders both ran it at 4.18 seconds. ------------------------- Neither is true. Deion was 4.27 & Vick was 4.41. Chris Johnson ran a 4.24.

What did Barry Sanders run his 100 meter dash in?


How fast did deon sanders run the 40 yard dash?

Deon Sanders was a former professional football player and baseball player. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.27 seconds.

Which football player ran the fastest 40yard dash?

Dustin Cole (son of Cindy and Chuck) of Ontario California, graduate of Chino High School class of 2001, ran the 40 yard dash in 18 minutes 58.969 seconds.

Is Devin Hester faster than Reggie Bush?

yes devin Hester is faster than reggie bush in the 40yard dash devin ran 3.9 and reggie ran 4.3

Who is the fastest defensive back in the NFL of all time?

Deion Sanders holds the title as the fastest with a recorded 4.21 40 yard dash in the 1989 NFL Combine. Unofficial and unconfirmed reports like Ike Taylor as the fastest cornerback with a 4.18 40 yard dash. Currently the fastest active NFL player with an official time is Stanford Routt with a 4.25 40 yard dash in the 2005 NFL Combine.