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Her favourite mascara is Mac.

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What is Demi Lovatos favorite candy?

Demi Lovato's Favourite Candies are twix and M&Ms

What is Demi Lovatos metroflog?

demi lovatos metroflog is www.metroflog.com/ddlovato892

What is Demi Lovatos favorite number?

Demi's favorite number is 8 . She hate the 4 anymore

What is Demi Lovatos favorite shoes?

Jeffrey Campbell shoes. She loves the Lita shoes by him

How old is Demi Lovatos dog Bella?

demi lovatos dog is 4 years old

What is Demi Lovatos favorite tv show?

Demi Lovato shares a good bit of her life publicly. She however has not shared what her favorite television show is though.

What is Demi Lovatos favorite season?

I think it is Winter. O.O.yeah demi loavto fav season is Winter.(my fav season too!)

Who is Demi Lovatos favorite friend?

Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian

What is Demi Lovatos strardoll?

demi lovato doesn't have a stadoll

What is Demi Lovatos favorite food?

Demi Lovato favourite foods include cheese, pickle, rice, Mexican, chocolate foods, krispy treats.

What year did demi lovatos parents get divorced?

About A Year After Demi Was Born....

What is Demi Lovatos Skype?

what is demi lovato's skype name or the address

Who is Demi Lovatos beau?

She is currently single.

When is Demi Lovatos bhirthday?

Demi Lovato is born in 20 August 1992

Demi Lovatos bracelet?

she has a special one.. which is not to be disscussed

What is demi lovatos race?

african like meeeeeeee

Where is demi lovatos family from?

Italy, Ireland and mexico

What are Demi Lovatos obstacles?

Bipolar disorder and bulimia.

Does Demi Lovato have a cousin named Lindy K?

No, She does not Lindy is not a cousin of Demi Lovatos!

What is demi lovatos favorite Jonas brothers song?

i think it's burnin up but....................................................-its check totallyjonified on outube i mean youtube L8R

How do you get hair like Demi Lovato?

You hire a professional hair stylist that does demi lovatos hair.

What was Demi Lovato's dream?

Demi lovatos dream was to do a duet with Kelly clakson witch she has done

What is Demi Lovatos top selling album?

Demi lovato's top selling album is unbroken

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