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Microsoft DirectX (all versions) is a set of application program interfaces that allows programmers to code for hardware devices without previously knowing which hardware will actually reside on any given machine. The DirectX program does this by using a middle-man interpreter that interprets generalized commands into commands tailored for the hardware that is installed on the machine that the application is running on. Each new version of DirectX adds to the library of interfaces that the translator can translate to.


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There is no need to install DirectX 9 on Windows Vista. Vista already comes with a version of DirectX 9, known as "DirectX 9.0l".

Yes. Windows Vista includes DirectX 9.

When a person is gaming (ie. World of Warcraft, Far Cry 3, Dead Space 1, 2, or 3) it seems that Windows DirectX 9 works better than the current DirectX software out today. You get slightly better performance using DirectX 9 which is important to PC gaming. Also, there have been many reported crashes on such games as Far Cry 3 when running with the current DirectX software today. DirectX 9 doesn't have as many crash reports.

Google "Download DirectX 9"

Okay, the normal download for directx 9 doesnt really have directx 9 in it, its supposed to download the files it needs when you run the setup. But it doesnt always work that way. What you need to do is download the "redistributable" version. The redistributable directx download is intended for software developers to package directx with their products, if their product uses directx that is. This version has everything it needs to install directx even with no internet connection & should work much better for you. It is linked below. It should be noted that the redistributable directx is often included on PC game install discs. If you have a recent title close at hand, you may look on it for a "directx" or "addon" folder.

A DirectX 9 or better graphics card is required to use the Aero Glass interface.

No. Nor is there any need to. Windows Vista (the only operating system that can run DirectX 10) also includes DirectX 9 for backwards-compatibility.

There is no need to download DirectX 3. Versions of DirectX up to DirectX 9 are backwards-compatible. So if you have one version, you can use games and programs that require a previous version. Besides, the DirectX 3 installerwasmeant to be used only on Windows 95, and would probably cause problems if installed on later versions.

DX9 is a shorter version of the word DirectX 9. There are different ones like DirectX 8 but DirectX 10 is the most popular today. If you want more information on it just type it in on or look it up on

Windows XP is an operating system. DirectX 9 is an API framework for gaming and multimedia programs. DirectX is a componentof Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to Vista.

DirectX 10 is the newest standard.

There is no ways to uninstall DirectX, it is integrated as a part of graphical sub-system of the Microsoft's operation systems. Officially, the way to uninstall DirectX is to either use System Restore to roll back to the time when you still did not have this version of DirectX on your system, or to reinstall your system and then not install DirectX 9. Many third party uninstallers are also available but most of them are buggy, if you use one, use it carefully.

There is no need to download DirectX for Vista. it already bundles the latest version of DirectX.

DirectX 8.1 is old and unsupported. You would be better served by upgrading your directX.

download and install direct x 9 -_-

DirectX is not about your operating system but it's about video card you have. Video cards available today support DirectX 11 and as far as you have drivers for such video card your will support DirectX. Make sure that you update DirectX.

DirectX 9.0c is not available for Windows 7; to actually install DirectX 9.0c, you would have to downgrade to Windows XP (any edition). In order to play games which require DirectX 9.0c without downgrading your installation of Windows, you must upgrade to DirectX 10.1 or later. DirectX 10.0 (initially included in Windows 7) did not include support for DirectX 9.0c, a decision that Microsoft ultimately repealed when DirectX 10.1 was released.

No. You may be able to use it with a DirectX 9 game, but the hardware does not support it, so you would have to use software rendering.

even lower... I think its requires Dx7

gta4 needs directx 9,10,11

just download the program called KMDXC(Just Google it). After downloading select directx 10 and click patch.

If you want to have DirectX 10 or maybe 11, you have to get a proper video card. DirectX support is not a software feature, it is defined by hardware you have.

DirectX 10 is included with Windows Vista. It does not work on Windows XP.

There is no version of DirectX 10 for Windows XP.

yes, directX 10 should be fine

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