What is Dwarka in Gujarat best known for?

Dwarka is best known for temples here is some information ------

Dwarka is a magnificent city, which is situated in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat. This Hindu Pilgrimage place was believed to be kingdom of the Lord Krishna. It was believed that Lord Krishna has settled in Dwarka after leaving Mathura, thousands of years ago. The mythology and historical significance of the place have been the cause of attraction to the tourists of the entire globe. Fact File:
Population: 52,000
Languages: Hindi, English, Gujarati Location : This magnificent historical city is located in Gujarat. It is located in Jamnagar district of Gujarat. Climate : The climate of Dwarka remains very pleasant throughout the year. In the summers, the temperature remains hot and moist with the temperature ranging from 23º C to 38º C. While in the winters, the temperature becomes very pleasant and welcomes tourist of the world. The best time to visit this place is between the months of November to February. Places of Attractions :
Jagat Mandir : It is one of the fascinating temples in Dwarka, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna.It is magnificently built on traditional lines, the temple has five floors and is profusely carved from base to pinnacle. Bet Dwarka : It is most popularly known as Bet Shankhoddar. It was believed that Lord Krishna lived with his family when the ruled at Dwarka. It is a fascinating site of attraction to the tourists. Nageswar Mahadev: You can witness this magnificent shrine of Lord Shiva. You can find columns of light representing Lord Shiva. Best Season to Visit : October to March