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EDO RAM is a type of Dynamic RAM (DRAM) that improves the speed at which the processor can retrieve data from memory by allowing timing overlaps between memory accesses. EDO stands for extended data output.

What is a ram?

RAM means Random Accessible Memory in computer talk but a ram can also mean a dodge truck or type of bull.

Were the samurai paid in the Edo period?

eys the samurai were paid in the edo period but they had to find their own work during the edo period for expample some took up jobs as farmers or other jobs but not as a samurai

What happened during the Japanese isolation in Edo?

The Japanese closed their ports because Ieysui wanted to stay unique and cultural without interruption and other influences from the west. Once they reopened their ports the western changed Japan, and Japan changed the western. That is all i know about it

How did the isolation happen in the edo period?

The Shogun, Lemitsu established the isolationist policy during theEdo period. In 1633, it began with forbidding travel abroad. By1639, Japan had moved further toward total isolation by reducingcontact to the outside world to very limited trade relationshipswith China and the Netherlands. All foreign ( Full Answer )

Which is faster EDO memory or BEDO mamory?

Answer . EDO memory was developed in the 1990s; burst-EDO was much faster but was hardly used by anyone, before being superseded by SDRAM.

What does EDO stand for regarding RAM?

(Extended Data-Out) - A DRAM technology that shortens the read cycle between memory and CPU. On computers that support it, EDO memory allows a CPU to access memory 10 to 20 percent faster than comparable fast-page mode memory. Source: studynotes.net

What is the refined version of EDO?

burst EDO (BEDO) - A refined version of EDO memory that significantly improved access time over EDO. BEDO was not widely used because Intel chose not to support it. BEDO memory is stored on 168-pin DIMM modules

Who is ram?

he is an indian god that killed the demon Ravana and saved the world from destruction, he did this all for his beloved wife seetha

What is RAM for?

RAM or Random Access Memory is a computer term which refers to a segment of your computer which helps with allocation of temporary information. Generally speaking, the more the better. RAM in terms of day to day use of a computer will have little to do with the most used processes such as Microsoft ( Full Answer )

What is does RAM do?

RAM stores frequently used data from the hard disk. This is necessary as the hard disk is many times slower than RAM, which means it will take much more longer for the computer to read the data.

What do rams do?

Rams, entire male sheep, are used to impregnate ewes (female sheep) so that lambs are produced.

Who was Ram?

Ram was the 7th avtaar of Vishnu. He was in the epic, Ramayan. He is also God, who is everywhere and everything you see.

What was the edo period?

The Edo Period lasted roughly from 1603 to 1868. It was the time of the Tokugawa Bakufu. This period was called the Edo Period because Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Tokugawa shogun, established his capital in Edo (Present day Tokyo.)

What are ram?

A ram is a big animal almost like a cow, or an ox. They are very powerfull and very deadly.

Why was Edo changed to Tokyo?

Because of the move of the emperor to the eastern Kyoto 京都; hence Tokyo 東京, which with it's full name is actually Tokyoto 東京都

What does the ram do?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a small memory box that your running programs use to temporarily store files, when the files need to be permanently saved they go to the hard drive.

Why did isolation happen in edo?

Isolation happened in the Edo period. This was because the shogun were in charge and wanted full power, they limited the Japanese people and forced strict rules on them because they didn't want to loose any of their power and didn't want them and the Japanese people to be converted. ps- the main le ( Full Answer )

Pros and cons of the Edo period?

Pros: Greater trade with the outside countries, more money intake Cons: Japan will not be influenced with western ideas, so the culture will stay the same and strong

Who was the emperor of the edo period in japan?

There wasn't any emperor, when Tokugawa Ieyasu united Japan, the Edo Period began and Japan isolated itself from the rest of the world. During that time Japan was ruled by shoguns. There were two forms of government, in one the daimyo (feudal lord), ruled a piece of land and he had to swear loyalt ( Full Answer )

What does edo mean in Japanese?

it's the old name for the capital city of japan, before it was changed to Kyoto, witch loosely translates to Government Capital. Tokyo is actually an anagram of Kyoto, specifying that it is an 'eastern' capital.

What is the difference between edo and mdo in acb?


Difference between EDO and MDO breakers?

EDO means electrically draw out type, in this spring is charged with motor. There is undervoltage release, earthfault release. IN MDO motor ks charged manualy.

Is edo maajka bosnian?

Yes. Edo Maajka (Edin Osmić) was born and raised in Brčko where he finished his elementary schooling. In 1992 (when the Bosnian war started), he left Bosnia and Herzegovina and went to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

How many times edo mentioned in the bible?

In the King James version the word - edo - does not appear at all, the only words which begin with "edo~" are the word - Edom - appears 86 times the word - Edomite - appears 6 times the word - Edomites - appears 13 times

How and why did the daimyos support the arts in edo japan?

They supported the arts in Edo japan because they didn't need to fight anymore. So instead of gaining respect and power through acquiring land, they gained it through acquiring beautiful art. They wanted to have the nicest houses and the most elaborate gardens as a way to gain prestige.

Who are the Rams?

the Rams in Football are Derby County, and there is a ram on their logo

How old is Edo Murtić?

Edo Murtić was born on May 4, 1921 and died on January 2, 2005. Edo Murtić would have been 83 years old at the time of death or 93 years old today.

Is ini edo dead?

i do not think she is dead, maybe it is just one of those rumours.

How did the lives of the samurai change in the edo period?

The lives of the samurai changed greatly from the end of the Edo Period and into Meiji. The ruling Tokugawa was effectively forced to open up Japan's ports (it was basically "open up the ports or we destroy your city") in order to trade with the Americans (and later other Western countries). After t ( Full Answer )

What does EDO DREAM means?

a type of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) that holds its output on the bus until the beginning of the next bus cycle. This enables the computer to retrieve data from memory in one bus cycle instead of two. (To further gain speed, memory is attached to a fast bus that connects directly to the C ( Full Answer )

What was Edo?

Edo was the capital of Japan during the Tokugawa Period. It is now known as Tokyo.

How many people speaks Edo language?

how many people speak Japan language? Edo = Old name of Japan. alot of people speak nihongo ^^ I would say about 130 million people speak japanese :D

What is meant by the Japanese word edo?

In Japanese the word Edo is another name for Tokyo. In Buddhism the word Edo means the impossible world. There are no other meanings for this word in Japanese.

What is Ini Edo best known for?

Ini Edo is best known for her work as an actress. She is Nigerian and has appeared in more than 50 movies since starting her career back in the year 2000.

What is Edo Majka well known for?

Edo Majka was born in Bosnia in 1978. He is well known mostly for being a rapper. He is also known for writing popular songs and for producing records.

What is Japan's edo period?

The Edo Period, also known as the Tokugawa Period, was the periodin time in which the Tokugawa Shogunate controlled Japan. Thisperiod lasted roughly from 1603-1868. It began with the coming topower of Tokugawa Ieyasu and ended with the Meiji Restoration.

When was Edo Lukman born?

Edo Lukman was born on April 3, 1949, in Cakovec, Croatia, Yugoslavia (now Cakovec, Croatia).

What is i-ram?

The i-RAM is a pseudo-solid-state drive produced by Gigabyte and released in June 2005. It has 4 DDR RAM DIMM slots.

What has the author Edo Van Belkom written?

Edo Van Belkom has written: 'Six Inch Spikes' 'Lord Soth (Dragonlance Warriors, Vol. 6)' 'Wolf man' -- subject(s): Brothers and sisters, Werewolves, Juvenile fiction, Fiction, Science fiction, Supernatural, Wolves, Rescues, Paranormal fiction 'Blood road' -- subject(s): Canadian Horror tales ( Full Answer )

What has the author Julius Edo Nyang'oro written?

Julius Edo Nyang'oro has written: 'JK' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Presidents, Biography 'The state and capitalist development in Africa' -- subject(s): Dependency on foreign countries, Economic conditions, Economic development, Economic policy

What has the author Edo D Pellizzari written?

Edo D Pellizzari has written: 'Collection and analysis of purgeable organics emitted from wastewater treatment plants' -- subject(s): Organic compounds, Sewage disposal plants