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WHEN I WAS IN THE U.S. ARMY FROM 1966 THRU 1968, I WAS IN A UNIT KNOWN AS "EGSM" IN Germany. IT STOOD FOR "EQUIPMENT GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENENCE", WHICH IS WHAT WE DID. EGSM stands for Extended Global System for Mobile communication . This is introduced to enhance the capacity of the network, i.e., to accomodate more number of mobile subscribers .

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Q: What is EGSM?
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Why gsm 880 mhz to 915 mhz is known as downlink frequency?

This is actually the EGSM uplink band. It carries signals "up" from the mobile station to the base station. EGSM downlink is from 925MHz to 960MHz and carries signals from the base station "down" to the mobile station.

Where is EGSM 900 used?

GSM, or Global System for Mobiles , are a standard set of frequencies where hand held devices such as cellular phones can work on. For a typical tri-band device, the range of frequencies it will be compatible with are GSM900Mhz, GSM1800Mhz,and GSM1900Mhz. At some point in time, a range of extra spectrum was added to the 900 band and the EGSM900Mhz was born with E to mean Extended. EGSM900Mhz is used everywhere around the world except for the United States and Canada.

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The 9300!Voice Integrated handsfree skaeper Conference call capability (up to 5 participants)1 One-touch dialing Last number redial from dialed calls list Voice recording Automatic and manual network selection Log viewer for communication: calls, email, MMS, and SMS Display and User Interface Main Display: Resolution 640 x 200 pixels Supports up to 65,536 colors Adjustable display brightness control Full keyboard with 8 application shortcut keys One user-configurable application shortcut key 5-way joystick Cover Display: Resolution 128 x 128 pixels Supports up to 65,536 colors List menu 5-way navigation key Messaging Messaging options Email with attachments, MMS, SMS, Fax and Instant Messaging1,14 Email: Access your compatible corporate and private email accounts View, write and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations Support protocols: IMAP4, POP3, APOP, SMTP, MIME, IMAP4-SSL/TLS, POP3-SSL/TLS, SMTP-SSL/TLS, and OMA Data Synchronization1,4 Multimedia Messaging (MMS): Multimedia Messaging (MMS) with compatible devices: send and receive messages with text, a sound clip, and an image or a video clip to other compatible devices1,14 Multi-slide presentations as MMS with compatible devices1,14 Delivery reports Multiple recipients Text Messaging (SMS): SMS distribution list Message register Picture messaging: send graphics with text to other compatible phones Fax: Send and receive fax through your GSM number1 Multimedia Attach portrait images to contacts Video player: RealVideo, MPEG4, and H.263 formats supported Connectivity Mobile Internet browser: HTML 4.01/xHTML, support for WML 1.3. Content1,2,12 Data transfer up to 236.8 kbit/s in EDGE networks1 Data transfer up to 53.6 kbit/s in GPRS networks1,15 HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data)1 Fax Transmission1 Pop-Port™ interface USB 2.0 connectivity (Nokia Connectivity Cable DKU-2) Connect wirelessly to a compatible phone or PC via infrared or Bluetooth wireless technology5,22 Install applications with Nokia PC Suite4 OMA DRM Forward Lock for content protection version 1.0 OMA Device management version 1.1.2 OMA Data Synchronization version 1.1.2 Downloadable Applications Downloadable games and applications via Java™ technology (MIDP 2.0) Personal profile Java 1.0 Organization Office applications: Documents, Sheet, and Presentations Organizer (calendar, contacts, tasks) and email with PC synchronization via Nokia PC Suite software4 Word processor (Documents), spreadsheet viewer and editor (Sheet), presentation viewer and editor (Presentations) Compatible with the most common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (MS Office 97 or later) Other applications: calculator, file manager, voice recorder, and music player Alarm clock Calculator Personalization and Fun Music player supports MP3, MPEG-4 (AAC), Real audio, and MIDI formats Wallpaper: full-screen color image Changeable color schemes Screensaver: digital clock in cover Customizable and timed profiles Fixed ringing tones: 40 polyphonic ringing and alert tones Voice clips can be used as ringing tones Specifications Dimensions: 5.2 inches x 2.01 inches x 0.83 inch Weight: 5.89 oz 80 MB built-in memory for saving contacts, messages, files, images, sounds, and applications Multimedia Card (MMC) slot with hotswap functionality for additional memory Symbian 7.0S OS (series 80 platform), Java MIDP 2.0 and Personal profile 1.0 Service Tri-band EGSM 850/1800/1900 MHz

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To answer you question, it is impossible to do so.The only way to run Java games on this type of Samsung cell phone you have to download it through the WAP and understandably it is not free.However, there is a way to install Java games on E250 for free but this method is somehow illegal and so i will not provide anymore information.A hint to do so: Search on Google - How to install games on Samsung E250 for free. Or so.You can used your bluetooth1) Download SoftickPPP and Samsung Java Uploader.exe from here. Also JADmaker if required.SoftickPPP download here!! for Samsung Install SoftickPPP according to this Polish website. I don't understand Polish, but the pictures tell enough of the story. Set up your bluetooth COM ports in the SoftickPPP bluetooth/serial settings. My Bluetooth COM ports are either 24, 25 or 26. I leave them all ticked.3) Enter *#52828378# on the phone to access the Java Test Menu. Choose OTA type setting, choose Serial bearer OTA. Click select. (This seems to need to be changed back to GPRS bearer OTA for Samsung PC Studio to connect)4) Start SoftickPPP. Click on cancel for the missing USBPort.dll error message. Accept bluetooth connections for DUN and Serial connections on the phone.5) Choose 'Activate PPP' by right clicking on the icon in the taskbar. Accept connections on phone again.6) Start 'Uploader.exe' and then add the required jad file. Leave the program open.7) If you are not still in the Java Test Menu then enter *#52828378# on the phone again. Select 'Serial test', 'PPP Up', 'Bluetooth' on phone, 'Serial download'. My phone sometimes restarts at this point in which case I have to choose 'Shutdown PPP" in the taskbar icon and then re-activating it once the phone has restarted and then re-do step 7 after entering the Java Test Menu again.A Java splash screen should appear with a progress bar showing the upload of the file. The game then starts automatically.There we go. It works for meSome command for your Phones*#1111# S/W Version*#1234# Firmware Version*#2222# H/W Version*#8999*8376263# All Versions Together*#8999*8378# Test Menu*#4777*8665# GPSR Tool*#8999*523# LCD Brightness*#8999*377# Error Menu*#8999*327# EEP Menu*#8999*3825523# Don't Know.*#8999*667# Debug Mode*#92782# PhoneModel (Wap)#*5737425# JAVA Mode*#2255# Call List*#232337# Bluetooth MAC Address*#5282837# Java Version#*4773# Incremental Redundancy#*7752# 8 PSK uplink capability bit#*7785# Reset wakeup & RTK timer cariables/variables#*1200# ????#*7200# Tone Generator Mute#*3888# BLUETOOTH Test mode#*#8999*324# ??#*7828# Task screen#*5111# ??#*#8377466# S/W Version & H/W Version#*2562# Restarts Phone#*2565# No Blocking? General Defense.#*3353# General Defense, Code Erased.#*3837# Phone Hangs on White screen#*3849# Restarts Phone#*3851# Restarts Phone#*3876# Restarts Phone#*7222# Operation Typ: (Class C GSM)#*7224# !!! ERROR !!!#*7252# Operation Typ: (Class B GPRS)#*7271# CMD: (Not Available)#*7274# CMD: (Not Available)#*7337# Restarts Phone (Resets Wap Settings)#*2787# CRTP ON/OFF#*2886# AutoAnswer ON/OFF#*3737# L1 AFC#*5133# L1 HO Data#*7288# GPRS Detached/Attached#*7287# GPRS Attached#*7666# White Screen#*7693# Sleep Deactivate/Activate#*7284# L1 HO Data#*2256# Calibration info? (For CMD set DEBUGAUTONOMY in cihard.opt)#*2286# Databattery#*2527# GPRS switching set to (Class 4, 8, 9, 10)#*2679# Copycat feature Activa/Deactivate#*3940# External looptest 9600 bps#*4263# Handsfree mode Activate/Deactivate#*4700# Please use function 2637#*7352# BVMC Reg value (LOW_SWTOFF, NOMINAL_SWTOFF)#*2558# Time ON#*3370# Same as 4700#*3941# External looptest 115200 bps#*5176# L1 Sleep#*7462# SIM Phase#*7983# Voltage/Freq#*7986# Voltage#*8466# Old Time#*2255# Call Failed#*5187# L1C2G trace Activate/Deactivate#*5376# DELETE ALL SMS!!!!#*6837# Official Software Version: (0003000016000702)#*7524# KCGPRS: (FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 07)#*7562# LOCI GPRS: (FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FE FF 01)#*2337# Permanent Registration Beep#*2474# Charging Duration#*2834# Audio Path (Handsfree)#*3270# DCS Support Activate/Deactivate#*3282# Data Activate/Deactivate#*3476# EGSM Activate/Deactivate#*3676# FORMAT FLASH VOLUME!!!#*4760# GSM Activate/Deactivate#*4864# White Screen#*5171# L1P1#*5172# L1P2#*5173# L1P3#*7326# Accessory#*7683# Sleep variable#*8465# Time in L1#*2252# Current CAL#*2836# AVDDSS Management Activate/Deactivate#*3877# Dump of SPY trace#*7728# RSAV#*2677# Same as 4700#*3797# Blinks 3D030300 in RED#*3728# Time 2 Decod#*3725# B4 last off#*7372# Resetting the time to DPB variables#*7732# Packet flow context bit Activate/Deactivate#*6833# New uplink establishment Activate/Deactivate#*3273# EGPRS multislot (Class 4, 8, 9, 10)#*7722# RLC bitmap compression Activate/Deactivate#*2351# Blinks 1347E201 in RED#*4472# Hysteresis of serving cell: 3 dB#*2775# Switch to 2 inner speaker#*9270# Force WBS#*7878# FirstStartup (0=NO, 1=YES)#*3757# DSL UART speed set to (LOW, HIGH)#*8726# Switches USBACM to Normal#*8724# Switches USBACM to Generator mode#*8727# Switches USBACM to Slink mode#*8725# Switches USBACM to Loop-back mode#*3838# Blinks 3D030300 in RED#*2077# GPRS Switch#*2027# GPRS Switch#*0227# GPRS Switch#*0277# GPRS Switch#*22671# AMR REC START#*22672# Stop AMR REC (File name: /a/multimedia/sounds/voice list/ENGMODE.amr)#*22673# Pause REC#*22674# Resume REC#*22675# AMR Playback#*22676# AMR Stop Play#*22677# Pause Play#*22678# Resume Play#*77261# PCM Rec Req#*77262# Stop PCM Rec#*77263# PCM Playback#*77264# PCM Stop Play#*2872# CNT*#8999*283# ???#*22679# AMR Get Time*288666# ???*2886633# ???*#8999*364# Watchdog ON/OFF#*8370# Tfs4.0 Test 0#*8371# Tfs4.0 Test 1#*8372# Tfs4.0 Test 2#*8373# Tfs4.0 Test 3#*8374# Tfs4.0 Test 4#*8375# Tfs4.0 Test 5#*8376# Tfs4.0 Test 6#*8377# Tfs4.0 Test 7#*8378# Tfs4.0 Test 8#*8379# Tfs4.0 Test 9#837837# error=...#*36245# Turns Email TestMenu on.*2767*22236245# Email EPP set (....)!*2767*837836245# Email Test Account!*2767*29536245# Email Test2 Account!*2767*036245# Email EPP reset!*2767*136245# Email EPP set (1)!*2767*736245# Email EPP set (7)!*2767*3036245# Email...*2767*3136245# Email...*2767*3336245# Email...*2767*3436245# Email...*2767*3936245# Email...*2767*4136245# Email...*2767*4336245# Email...*2767*4436245# Email...*2767*4536245# Email...*2767*4636245# Email...*2767*4936245# Email...*2767*6036245# Email...*2767*6136245# Email...*2767*6236245# Email...*2767*6336245# Email...*2767*6536245# Email...*2767*6636245# Email...*2767*8636245# Email...*2767*85236245# Email...*2767*3855# = E2P Full Reset*2767*2878# = E2P Custom Reset*2767*927# = E2P Wap Reset*2767*226372# = E2P Camera Reset*2767*688# Reset Mobile TV#7263867# = RAM Dump (On or Off)*2767*49927# = Germany WAP Settings*2767*44927# = UK WAP Settings*2767*31927# = Netherlands WAP Settings*2767*420927# = Czech WAP Settings*2767*43927# = Austria WAP Settings*2767*39927# = Italy WAP Settings*2767*33927# = France WAP Settings*2767*351927# = Portugal WAP Settings*2767*34927# = Spain WAP Settings*2767*46927# = Sweden WAP Settings*2767*380927# = Ukraine WAP Settings*2767*7927# = Russia WAP Settings*2767*30927# = GREECE WAP Settings*2767*73738927# = WAP Settings Reset*2767*49667# = Germany MMS Settings*2767*44667# = UK MMS Settings*2767*31667# = Netherlands MMS Settings*2767*420667# = Czech MMS Settings*2767*43667# = Austria MMS Settings*2767*39667# = Italy MMS Settings*2767*33667# = France MMS Settings*2767*351667# = Portugal MMS Settings*2767*34667# = Spain MMS Settings*2767*46667# = Sweden MMS Settings*2767*380667# = Ukraine MMS Settings*2767*7667#. = Russia MMS Settings*2767*30667# = GREECE MMS Settings*#7465625# = Check the locks*7465625*638*Code# = Enables Network lock#7465625*638*Code# = Disables Network lock*7465625*782*Code# = Enables Subset lock#7465625*782*Code# = Disables Subset lock*7465625*77*Code# = Enables SP lock#7465625*77*Code# = Disables SP lock*7465625*27*Code# = Enables CP lock#7465625*27*Code# = Disables CP lock*7465625*746*Code# = Enables SIM lock#7465625*746*Code# = Disables SIM lock*7465625*228# = Activa lock ON#7465625*228# = Activa lock OFF*7465625*28638# = Auto Network lock ON#7465625*28638# = Auto Network lock OFF*7465625*28782# = Auto subset lock ON#7465625*28782# = Auto subset lock OFF*7465625*2877# = Auto SP lock ON#7465625*2877# = Auto SP lock OFF*7465625*2827# = Auto CP lock ON#7465625*2827# = Auto CP lock OFF*7465625*28746# = Auto SIM lock ON#7465625*28746# = Auto SIM lock OFFuhm type them just like your dialing a number ^^Regards.

What was the 2007 mobile phone?

Maybe n95 8gb or E90 or E51 or htc shift the ultimate mobile computer. I,ve included the sales package contents so you can decide which one to buy.N95 8gb classsifications: Operating Frequency * WCDMA 2100 MHz (HSDPA), EGSM 900 MHz, GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz (EGPRS) * Automatic switching between bands and modesDimensions * Volume: 96 cc * Weight: 128 g * Length(max): 99 mm * Width(max): 53 mm * Thickness(max): 21 mmMemory Functions * Up to 100MB internal dynamic memory for messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list and applications * Up to 8GB internal flash memory for multimedia content such as music, pictures, ringing tones, map data*Changes to product details are possible without prior notice. Application offering may vary. Dynamic memory means that the available memory is shared between dynamic memory functions. When any of these functions is used, there is less available memory for other functions which are also dependent on dynamic memory. Power Management * Battery: Nokia Battery (BL-6F) 1200mAH * Talk time: up to 3.5 hrs (WCDMA), up to 5 hrs (GSM)* * Stand-by time: up to 11.5 days (WCDMA and GSM)**Operation times may vary depending on radio access technology used, operator network configuration and usage. Display * Large 2.8" QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) TFT display with ambient light detector and up to 16.7 million colorsUser Interface * Operating system: Symbian OS version 9.2 * User interface: S60 3rd Edition * Dedicated media keys * Multimedia menu * Active standby screenCall Management * Contacts: advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and e-mail details per entry, also supports thumbnail pictures and groups * Speed dialing * Logs: keeps lists of your dialed, received, and missed calls * Automatic redial * Automatic answer (works with compatible headset or car kit only) * Supports fixed dialing number, which allows calls only to predefined numbers * Conference call * Nokia Push to talk (PoC)Voice Features * Speaker independent name dialing (SIND) * Voice commands * Voice recorder * Video ringtones * Integrated handsfree speakerMessaging * Text messaging: supports concatenated SMS, picture messaging, SMS distribution list * Multimedia messaging: combine image, video, text, and audio clip and send as MMS to a compatible phone or PC; use MMS to tell your story with a multi-slide presentation * Automatic resizing of your megapixel images to fit MMS (max 300 KB size depending on the network) * Predictive text input: support for all major languages in Europe and Asia-PacificData Transfer* * WCDMA 2100 (HSDPA) with simultaneous voice and packet data (PS max speed UL/DL= 384/3.6MB, CS max speed 64kbps) * Dual Transfer Mode (DTM) support for simultaneous voice and packet data connection in GSM/EDGE networks. Simple class A, multi slot class 11, max speed DL/UL: 177.6/118.4 kbits/s * EGPRS class B, multi slot class 32, max speed DL/UL= 296 / 177.6 kbits/s * GPRS class B, multi slot class 32, max speed DL/UL= 107 / 64.2 kbits/s*Actual achieved speeds may vary depending on network support. Digital Services * Java&acirc;&bdquo;&cent; and Symbian applications available from Nokia Software Market * Java&acirc;&bdquo;&cent; MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 * Flash Lite 2.0Imaging and video* Up to 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944 pixels) camera, Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, MPEG-4 VGA video capture of up to 30 fps * Direct connection to compatible TV via Nokia Video Connectivity Cable (CA-75U, included in box) or wireless LAN/UPnP * Front camera, CIF (352 x 288) sensor * Video call and video sharing support (WCDMA network services) * Integrated flash * Digital stereo microphone * Flash modes: on, off, automatic, red-eye reduction * Online album/blog: photo/video uploading from gallery * Nokia Lifeblog 2.0 support * Video and still image editorsMobile Video * Video resolutions: up to VGA (640x480 pixels) at 30 fps * Audio recording: AAC mono * Digital video stabilization * Video playback: up to 215 min (VGA, 30fps) * Video file format .mp4 (default), .3gp (for MMS) * White balance: automatic, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent * Scene: automatic, night * Color tones: normal, sepia, black & white, negative, vivid * Zoom: digital up to 10x (VGA up to 4x)Mobile Photography * Image resolution: up to 5 megapixel: (2592 x 1944 pixels) * Still image file format: JPEG/EXIF * Auto focus * Auto exposure - center weighted * Exposure compensation: +2 ~ -2EV at 0.5 step * White balance: automatic, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent * Scene: automatic, user, close-up, portrait, landscape, sports, night, night portrait * Color tone: normal, sepia, black & white, negative, vivid * Zoom: digital up to 20x (5 megapixel up to 6x) * Viewfinder gridCamera Specifications * Sensor: CMOS 5 megapixel (2592 x 1944 pixels) * Carl Zeiss optics: Tessar lens * Focal length 5.6 mm * Focus range 10 cm ~ infinity * Macro focus distance 10-50 cm * Shutter speed: mechanical shutter: 1/1000~1/4 sMusic Features* Digital music player - supports MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC/eAAC+/WMA/M4A with playlists and equalizer * Integrated handsfree speaker * OMA DRM 2.0 & WMDRM support for music * Stereo FM radio (87.5-108MHz /76-90MHz)**Stereo sound can only be heard with a compatible stereo headset.Visual Radio* * Listen to music and interact with your favorite radio stations * Find out what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information * Enter contests and answer surveys, vote for your favorite songs* To check the availability and cost of the service, contact your network operator or service provider.Navigation* Built-in GPS with A-GPS support **A-GPS is a network dependant feature that requires a data plan. Additional charges may apply. E-mail * Easy-to-use e-mail client with attachment support for most images, videos, music and documents * Compatible with Nokia Wireless Keyboard (sold separately)Browsing * Nokia Web Browser with Mini MapDigital home * Play video, music and photos on home media network- compatible TV, stereo and PC over WLAN/UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)Java Applications * Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 (Connected Limited Device Configuration (J2ME)) * Over-the-air download of Java-based applications and gamesOther Applications * Personal Information Management (PIM) * Advanced S60 PIM features including calendar, contacts, to-do list, and PIM printing * Settings Wizard for easy configuration of e-mail, push to talk and video sharing * Data transfer application for transfer of PIM information from other compatible Nokia devices. * WLAN wizardConnectivity * Integrated wireless LAN (802.11 b/g) and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) * Bluetooth wireless technology with A2DP (Bluetooth stereo audio) * USB 2.0 via Micro USB interface and mass storage class support to support drag and drop functionality * 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug (Nokia AV Connector) and TV out support (PAL/NTSC) * Nokia Nseries PC Suite connectivity with USB and Bluetooth wireless technology * Local synchronization of contacts and calendar to a compatible PC using Nokia Nseries PC Suite * Remote over-the-air synchronization * Send and receive images, video clips, graphics, and business cards via Bluetooth wireless technologyRealPlayer Media Player* Full-screen video playback on the device to view downloaded, streamed or recorded video clips * Stream media files from compatible media portals * Supported video formats: MPEG-4, H.264, H.263/3GPP, RealVideo 8/9/10Standard Sales Package Contents** Nokia N95 8GB * Nokia Battery BL-6F, 1200 mAh * Nokia Travel Charger AC-5 * Nokia Music Headset HS-45, AD-54 * Nokia Connectivity Cable DKE-2 * Nokia Video Connectivity Cable CA-75U *Sales package content may vary by region.Nokia E90 classifications:Browse the Internet and transfer media-rich files via HSDPA (up to 3.6 Mbit/s enabled) and 3G high-speed mobile broadband* Increase mobile productivity with applications for viewing and editing documents * Talk on every continent with quad-band GSM and automatic switching between bands * Access voice and data functions quickly and easily with convenient shortcut keys * Locate meeting venues, restaurants, and places of interest with the integrated GPS * Send images captured with the integrated 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocusGSM quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) MHz WCDMA 2100 MHz* WCDMA 2100Volume: 140 cc* Weight: 210 g * Width: 57 mm * Length: 132 mm * Thickness (max): 20 mmS60 Platform 3.1 Edition* Symbian OS Version 9.2 * Java&acirc;&bdquo;&cent; MIDP 2.0Inner: Active matrix color display (800 x 352 pixels), 16 million true colors* Outer: Active matrix color display (240 x 320 pixels), 16 million true colors3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus* QCIF camera for video callingVideo calling* FM radio * Music player (MP3, AAC) * Realplayer (streaming audio, video and MP4 video files)Up to 128MB free memory for user data and applications* Extendible up to 2GB with microSD memory cardSupports POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP Support for mobile email, including Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email 8. and a variety of third-party email clients: Mail for Exchange 1.5 (delivered via Nokia Downloads! Application), Visto Mobile v5.5, and RIM BlackBerry Connect v2.1* designtimesp="18928">View, open, and edit email attachments with Quickoffice (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), Zip Manager, and Adobe Acrobat Reader * Instant messaging --> * Text-to-speech message reader * MMS and SMSQuickoffice tools with editors* Maps application for location-based services * Nokia Office Tools 1.1 (including Active notes) * VoIP 2.1 * Download! Application to get more applications * Support for Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite * WorldMate, Wireless Presenter, and Global Race - Raging Thunder - available for download via Downloads! applicationIntegrated WLAN* ** WLAN: 802.11b, 802.11g* ** WLAN Security: WPA2-Enterprise, WPA2-Personal, WPA-Enterprise, WPA-Personal ** WLAN Quality of Service: WMM, U-APSD * Mini USB, USB 2.0 full-speed * Bluetooth wireless technology 2.0 * 2.5mm Nokia audio jack * Infrared (up to 115 kbps) < p>Web browser (x)HTML* JavaScript 1.3 and 1.5 supported * Flash Lite 2.0 supportedWLAN 802.11b, WLAN 802.11g** HSDPA up to 3.6Mbit/s enabled * WCDMA 2100 MHz with simultaneous voice and packet data * GPRS/EGPRS (Class A, MSC 32) * 3GPP rel 5 * Dual transfer mode MSC11, SAIC rel v1 < p WiFi>Voice dialing* Voice commands for menu short cuts, keypad lock, and profiles * Voice recording for making notes or recording conversations * Internet Call release 2.1 for making VoIP (voice over IP) calls * Text-to-speech message reader * Enhanced voice commands with speaker-independent name dialing (SIND), and voice aid for eyes-free control of core functions * Integrated handsfree speaker * Push to talk (PoC)Nokia Team Suite* Calendar attachment support * Meeting requests to calendar * Contacts with images * Nokia Active Notes applicationIntegrated GPS* Support for Nokia Intellisync file sync and device management * Stereo FM radio * Vibrating alert featureNokia E90 Communicator* Nokia Battery BP-4L (1500 mAh) * Nokia Wired stereo headset (HS-47) * Nokia Travel Charger (AC-4) * Nokia Connectivity cable (DKE-2) * Memory card (microSD 512MB) - content may vary at country level * Quick Start guide * User manual * DVD ROM including the Nokia PC suite application * Leather Pouch{| ! Battery ! Talk time* ! Standby time* | BP-4L GSM: Up to 5 hrs Up to 14 days GSM*Operation times vary depending on the network and usage. Nokia E51 classifications: * Thin design loaded with features to help balance your business and leisure time * Access your email while on the go with support for most leading corporate and personal email applications * Browse the web and email with high speed 3G, HSDPA, or WLAN connection * Make lower cost voice calls over the internet with the built-in WLAN * Stay connected to the people and information you need with a long battery life and large internal memory * Take pictures and capture video with the 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom * Listen to the latest hits with FM Visual Radio or play your favorite tunes on the MP3 music playerGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/2100 MHzDimensions: 114.8 x 46 x 12 mm* Weight: 100 g * Volume: 61 cc* 2" (240 x 320 pixels), active-matrix color display supports up to 16 million colorsS60 3.1 Edition* 5-way navigation key, two soft keys, and send and end call keys * Nokia Eseries keys for quick access to contacts, calendar, email, and the device's home screen (Active standby) * Enhanced Active standby for business: gives you quick access to your favorite applications and a summary of the day's activities, right from your device's main screen * Mute key and volume keys on the right side * Push to talk*/voice recorder key on the left side * Power key on top of the device * Ambient light sensor * LED indicator light for new email and SMS/MMS messages, and missed call indication *Support for this feature varies by region2 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom for high quality still imaging and video capture* Video streaming and playback with H.264 (MPEG-4), 3gpp, and Real codecs * Video recording in H.263 (3gpp) and MPEG-4 * Video calling* MP3 music player * Compatible with Bluetooth stereo headsets * FM Visual Radio: lets you see information about songs or artists, and read up on celebrity newsUp to 130 MB of user data memory* Expandable up to 4 GB with hot swappable microSD cardEmail with support for POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP protocols, attachment viewers, dedicated email key, and LED indicator for new email messages* Email support for a wide variety of third-party solutions including: Mail for Exchange, Visto Mobile, and Seven Always-on * Option to select desired email account to read/write messages from * Instant messaging (supports Yahoo, AOL, OMA 1.2, MSN) * SMS text messages * MMS for sending messages with pictures, video clips, and audio clips attachedJava&acirc;&bdquo;&cent; MIDP 2.0 applications* Nokia Office Tools 2.0 including Nokia Team Suite, In-device Search, Quickoffice, Macromedia PDF reader, Zip manager, File manager, and Active Notes: ** Nokia Team Suite provides easy to use UI for organizing and facilitating group conference calls, email messages, or text messages ** In-device Search enables user to easily find data in device. For example, messages, email calendar data, and contacts can be searched easily via this application ** Quickoffice provides viewers for Microsoft Excel&Acirc;&copy;, Word&Acirc;&copy; and PowerPoint&Acirc;&copy; documents ** Macromedia PDF reader enables user to view PDF documents ** Zip manager provides means for managing ZIP files received - for example, as an email attachment ** File manager for accessing data on user disk or memory card ** Active Notes enable users to create notes containing rich text and multimedia items (e.g. pictures, voice clips, video clips). Notes can be synchronized to PC and browsed there via any XHTML compatible web browser * Download! Tool for easy application downloads straight to your device * Voice solutions: support for Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Cisco, Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Alcatel (all sold separately) * Nokia Maps application integrated into device * Support for Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite with email, file synchronization, voice, and device management * Support for Symantec, F-Secure, McAfee, and Trend Micro antivirus software. Applications are available via Download! Tool * Support for Pointsec encryption security application. Application is available via Download! Tool * Worldmate: an application with weather, world clocks, and a currency converter to assist you while traveling. Application is available via Download! Tool * Supports Windows Live providing mobile access to Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Search, Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Hotmail. Application is available via Download! Tool * Yahoo! Go: get your email, news, maps, and more all from the same customized webpage. Application is available via Download! ToolSupports MP3, MPEG-4, AAC, eAAC+, WMA, AMR-NB, and AMR-WB formatsIntegrated WLAN (IEEE 802.11g) with WLAN wizard: searches for available WLAN networks* Bluetooth 2.0 specification with enhanced data rate (EDR) * Micro USB connector, USB 2.0 full-speed * 2.5 mm Nokia A/V connector * IrDA (115 kbps)(x)HTML web browserGPRS/EGPRS (Class A, multi-slot class 32)* Dual mode transfer multi-slot class 11 for simultaneous voice calls and browsing * HSDPA (high-speed downlink protocol access) up to 3.6 Mbit/s (3G) * Local data synchronization with Nokia PC SuitePush to talk (PTT or PoC)** Integrated handsfree speakerphone * Voice over IP (VoIP) using WLAN * Voice recorder * Text-to-speech feature: hear your messages read aloud to you from your device *Not available in the US and CanadaContacts, calendar and to-do list: supports PC synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes via Nokia PC SuiteNokia Intellisync Device Management (sold separately)* OMA (Open Mobile Appliance) Device Management 1.1.2 * OMA Client Provisioning 1.1 * OMA Data synchronization 1.2 (no email) * Over the internet (OTI) firmware updateNokia E51* Nokia Battery 1050 mAh * Nokia Travel Charger AC-5 * Nokia Connectivity Cable DKE-2 * Nokia Headset HS-47 * Nokia E51 CD ROM * Quickstart guide * User guide * Cleaning cloth! Battery ! Talk time ! Standby time | Battery 1050 mAh Up to 4.4 hours Up to 13 days Operation times vary depending on radio access technology, network, and usage. Htc Shift classifications:Always-on access to critical information with HTC SnapVUE&acirc;&bdquo;&cent; Receive instant e-mails with Microsoft&Acirc;&reg; Direct Push technology up to 2 days on battery standby Powerful enough to give you the full Windows Vista&Acirc;&reg; experience Revolutionary small form factor gives you portability without compromising mobility Adjustable 7-inch touch screen Mouse buttons and microPad Worldwide UMTS with HSDPA Bluetooth&Acirc;&reg; 2.0 and Wi-Fi&Acirc;&reg; USB 2.0 connectivity Fingerprint sensor Specifications Processor and Chipset Intel&Acirc;&reg; Stealey 800MHz + 945GMS + ICH7U; Qualcomm&Acirc;&reg; MSM 7200, 400MHz Operating System Windows Vista&Acirc;&reg; Business Memory RAM: 1GB DDR2 microDIMM RAM for Vista + 64 MB for SnapVUE&acirc;&bdquo;&cent;ROM: 128 MB for SnapVUE Hard Disk 1.8-inch 40 GB or 60 GB hard disk (manufacturer's option) Dimensions 207 mm (L) x 129 mm (W) x 25 mm (T) Weight 800g with battery Display 7-inch, 800 x 480 TFT-LCD display with adjustable screen angle and touch-sensitive screen Network HSDPA/UMTS: Tri-band 850, 1900, 2100 MHzHSDPA: Up to 3.6Mbps for download and 384kbps for upload UMTS: Up to 384kbps for download and uploadGSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad-band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz (The device will operate on frequencies available from the cellular network) Keyboard Slide-out QWERTY keyboard Mouse Control Left/right mouse buttons and microPad Wireless Connections Bluetooth&Acirc;&reg; 2.0 Wi-Fi&Acirc;&reg;. IEEE 802.11 b/g GPS Standalone GPS I/O Ports 1 USB 2.0, VGA out, and 3.5mm stereo audio out with microphone Card Slots 1.8/3V USIM/SIM card slot SDIO slot with hotswap functionality Security Fingerprint sensor Web Camera Color CMOS VGA camera for videoconferencing Audio Built-in microphone and dual speakers Battery 2700 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer batteryVista&Acirc;&reg; operating time: Up to 2 hoursSnapVUE&acirc;&bdquo;&cent; standby time (push e-mail enabled): Up to 53 hours SnapVUE&acirc;&bdquo;&cent; standby time (push e-mail disabled): Up to 11 days AC Adapter Voltage range/frequency: 90 ~ 265V AC, 47/63Hz DC output: 12Vdc, 3A max.Here are the web address of the phones:Nokia N95 8gbNokia E90Nokia E51Htc Shift |}

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