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Earth is a planet (also known as Terra) orbiting the

star called Sol, or the Sun. It is smaller than many, with

a rocky crust and an atmosphere of nitrogen, oxygen, and other

trace gases. It has water in all three phases, and associated

thermal and tidal activity. It has a magnetic field due to its iron

core, and a charged-particle tail that extends along its orbital

path. An incredible diversity of carbon-cycle organisms exist on

its surface and in its oceans. The Earth has one natural satellite,

the Moon, and numerous artificial contructs on the surface and in

space, notably by the primate species, Man (homo sapiens).

Earth is the only known location of carbon-cycle life within the

solar system. The utilization of its resources by Mankind is

subject to the continuing balance of the ecosystem, and energy

supplied by the Sun and terrestrial sources.

Earth is the planet we live on.

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