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Earth's axis is the imaginary line which goes through the north and south poles and around which Earth spins. It is inclined 66.5 degrees from Earth's orbital plane, which means that it is tilted 23.5 degrees from a vertical 90 degrees.

Generally, an axis is any imaginary or physical line that prescribes an object's movement. A taut string that goes through the center of a spinning ball would be an example of a physical axis. The string, as the axis, would represent the part of the ball that is not really moving or that is moving the least.

An axis also includes the point that is known as the center of gravity.
The Earth's axis is an imaginary line or shaft that the Earth looks to be turning around, like a meatball on a skewer. It runs more or less through the poles.

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Q: What is Earth's axis?
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What would happen if Earths axis was tilted?

The earths axis is tilted. That is why we have seasons.

What does Earths magnetic axis do not do with its rotational axis?


What is the tilt of the earts axis?

what is the earths tilt axis

What is the rotation of earth on its axis?

the rotation on earths axis is 23%

Is the earths axis tilted?

Yes, the earth is tilted on an axis

What is caused by the tilt of the earths axis and earths revolution?


How does the earths axis work?

It spins and such.

Two reasons for seasons?

1. Tilt of earths axis 2. Earths axis remains parallel throughout its yearly orbit.

What is the parallelism of the Earth's axis?

Positions of earths axis as it revolves around the sun

Did the earths axis tilt in 2004?

The Earth's axis has always been tilted.

What is the Motion that refers to earths spinning on it axis?

Rotation: the earth rotates on it axis.

What is the Imaginary rod on which the earth rotate?

The imaginary line is the earths axis.

How do dogs align themselves with the earths axis and which way do they usually point?

dogs usually align themselves with the north/south axis and how this is dogs have sensitive chemicals which allows them to sense the earths axis

What role does the earths axis play in rotation and revolution?

The axis is what the Earth rotates around, like the axis on a wheel.

How do the seasons happen?

the tilt of the earths axis

What is the angle of the earths axis?

23.5 deg.

How long is the earths axis?

About 8,000 miles.

What is the earths axis parallel to?

orbit of the moon

Are earths magnetic poles located on its axis?


What is The earths axis is inclined at?

23.5 degrees.

What evidence of the tilt of earths axis?


What causes saesons?

The earths tilt at its axis

Was the earths axis ever straight?


What is caused by earths tilting axis?


When the earths axis is tilted toward the sun, what season is it in the northern hemisphere?