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it is thought it was cognac. not confirmed, but is also the drink the "mysterious" admirer left every year until 2009 at his grave for a lapse of 60 years.

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Q: What is Edgar Allan Poes favorite drink?
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What was Edgar Allan Poes favorite color?

Edgar Allan Poe's favorite color was probably red or black because most of his poems, stories, and tales are about murder and death. Red and black are the colors of death and murder.

What was Edgar allan poes love life like?


What was Edgar Allan Poe stories mostly about?

Poes stories were all about dead and misery

Did Edgar allan poes mom have a job when she was alive?

Poe's mother was a travelling actress.

What is the supernatural theme in Edgar Allan Poes text?

Well a talking raven is part of the supernatural.

Into what genre do both Edgar Allan Poes The Philosophy of Composition and Stephen Kings On Writing fall?


What is one way in in which Edgar allan poes creates a unity of effect of melancholy in the raven?

with the repetition of “nevermore” apex

Which of the following is safe to say based on this excerpt from Edgar Allan Poes The Tell Tale Heart to?

The narrator is unreliable.

What is Edgar allan poes story that a sailor survives after being sucked in a whirlpool?

That story is called "Descent into the Maelstrom."

What was Edgar poes name at birth?

Edgar Poe was probably his name at birth though there is no surviving birth certificate. After his natural parents died, he was taken in by foster parents John and Frances Allan. They had Poe baptized as Edgar Allan Poe.

What are all of Edgar allan poes jobs in a lifetime?

first he was in a military academy then he wrote things for the newspaper then became a poet etc

What is the moral of Edgar Allan Poes Masque of Red Death?

The moral of The Masque of the Red Death is that, no one can escape death. Death is inevitable.

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