The Twilight Saga

What is Edward Cullen's favorite hobby?


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Watching Bella sleep...

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Edward Cullens (Robert Pattinson) favorite color is blue. Both of them like the color blue. I should know im dating him. And yes he is a good kisser. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Blood. But he really likes the taste of mountain lion's blood.

Rebecca Caston is Edward Cullens biggest fan. I have Edward EVERYTHING. JD is just saying this because he is jelous.

Edward Cullens lives in Forks, Washington.

Well that depends on weather you mean Edward or Robert Pattinson (which is the guy who plays Edward Cullen in the movie) ,but if your talking about Robert then his favorite movies are a tie between "The Exorcist" and "One who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". If you are preferring to Edward then i am not sure if they ever state what any of his favorite movies are.

edward and elizabeth masen

Basketball is Corbin's favorite hobby. Basketball is Corbin's favorite hobby.

I really don't know...I wish i knew! Sorry i couldn't answer!

Edward Cullens Favourite place is the most obvious place of all - the meadow.( Where he takes Bella for the first time and they stare at each other)

a cottage from all the cullens and the key to the after car from edward

Edward Cullen's soulmate is Bella Swan.

Elizabeth Masen and Edward Masen

E.A.M.C- Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Her favorite hobby was sewing.

his favorite hobby is football

Luigi's favorite hobby is racing.

his favorite hobby is cooking

A wolf favorite hobby is eat.

Edward Cullens, or Dracula

in forks in the forest

Edward was born on the 20th of June 1901.

her favorite hobby is singing and loving her fans

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