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Emily is 5'2" and weighs 102 lbs.

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What is Emily Osment's height and weight?

Emily is 5'2½ (159 cm). And she weigh about 110-115 pounds (50-52 kg).

How tall is Emily Osment and how much does she weigh?

Emily's height is 5'2½ (159 cm) and her weight is 112 pounds (51kg).

Height of Emily Osment?

Emily is 5'2½ (159 cm).

Is 80 pounds the right weight for a 9-year-old?

It depends on your height. I was about 80 when I was nine(I'm 12). I was tall. This sounds like a normal weight to me. It all depends on your body type. Ask your doctor your percentile for your height and weight. Hope this helps, Emily

Are maynards halal?

it is halal

What is Emily Osments height?


If my weight is 63 kg what should be my height?

You can not change your height as per your weight. You have to change your weight as per your height.

What is Emily procter's height?

5'3'' (1.60m)

What is Emily Procter's height?

5'3'' (1.60m)

What is height and weight measurement?

height is BY FOOT and weight is BY KGS

What is the size height and weight of a coyote?

what is the height and weight of the coyote

What is overweight for a b15 year old?

It all depends on the weight in kilograms and height in metres. Weight (KG) / (Height (M) * Height (M)) To Simplify, Square your height first (Height (M)) x 2 = Answer Then Divide your weight, by your height Weight (KG) / (Height Answer) [The answer from the previous step]

What is Emily Little's Height?

Emily Little is an Australian artistic gymnast, who has a height of 152 cm (60 inches). This is very LITTLE (her last name is little) :)

What are facts about emily osment?

Facts about Emily Osment: Fullname: Emily Jordan Osment Height: 5'2½ (159 cm) Weight: 115-117 pounds (52-53 kg) Born: March 10, 1992, L.A, California, USA Age: 18 years old

Carmen Electra's height and weight?

her height is 5'4'' and her weight is 110lbs.

What is Justin biebers height and weight?

His height is 5,5 and his weight is 110

What is Brandon spikes height and weight?

Height: 6'2" Weight: 250lbs

What is the height and weight of a horned lizard?

height and weight of a horned lizard

What is height and weight of Chris Brown?

6'2 is the height about 180 is the weight

What is height and weight of genelia desoza?

height 5.3 weight 55

What is the height and weight of cj navato?

Height : 5'5 weight : 121

Height is to inches weight is to?

Height is to inches as weight is to pounds.

What is the weight ratio for height?

There is no weight ratio for height. The weight of an object depends on its the volume and density. The volume depends on the height as well as the average cross section so height, alone, cannot determine weight.

What is the average weight height of men?

The average height and weight of men: Normal height: 5'8"- 6'0" (Mean height- 5'10") Normal weight: 150 - 210 lbs (Mean weight 180 lbs)

What is Emily osment height?

5'2½ ft, 159cm.