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What is Ethernet?

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Answer--Ethernet is a protocol that controls the way data is transmitted over a local area network (LAN).

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What is the difference between industrial ethernet and normal ethernet?

There is no difference; Ethernet is Ethernet, regardless of where it is deployed.

An Ethernet port is used for connecting your computer to a?

An Ethernet port is for you to plug in an Ethernet cable. You have your Ethernet cable plug into your Ethernet port and your Modem or Router to give you access to the internet.

Name three types of ethernet?

10-Mbps Ethernet, 100-Mbps or Fast Ethernet, and 1000-Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet.

Can you connect an wireless to ethernet to ethernet?

A wireless device can be connected to Ethernet by using an Ethernet to wireless bridge. This allows the wireless signal to be converted into a physical connection where it can be passed on to other Ethernet devices.

Ethernet Cable?

form_title=Ethernet Cable form_header=Connect to the internet with an ethernet cable. How many ethernet cables would you need?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} How long do the cables need to be?=_ Where do you need the ethernet cables?=_

How do you connect a mac to ethernet?

Use the Ethernet Port (The MacBook Air dose not have a Ethernet Port)

What is Ethernet and fast Ethernet?

Ethernet is the most popular networking technology used in LANs. Fast Ethernet is used to refer to any version of Ethernet that meets or surpasses the 100 Mbps transfer speed.

What is the example of packet switching network?

IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...

What is giga ethernet?

Giga ethernet is technologies for transmitting Ethernetframes at a rate of a gigabit per second,

What device is used for the ethernet port?

An ethernet wire

Which encapsulation must be used to enable Ethernet II frame type on your Ethernet?

Arpa encapsulation must be used to enable Ethernet II frame type on your Ethernet.

What is the ethernet?

Provides for transport of information between physical locations on ethernet cable. Data is passed in ethernet packets.

What are ethernet cables used for?

Ethernet cables are used to connect devices with an Ethernet network card together in a LAN.

What type of cable is used to connect the Ethernet interfaces on a host PC to the Ethernet interfaces on switch?


Which is faster ethernet or wireless?

99 out of 100 times, Ethernet.

How do you play playstation3 with out ethernet wire?

Take the Ethernet cable out from it.

Does Ethernet use circuit switching?

No, Ethernet is packet switched.

How do you connect female Ethernet plugs?

With an ethernet cable. (male)

Which Ethernet frame type does TCP use?

Ethernet II

How do you know that your company network is Ethernet or Fast Ethernet?


What is the relationship between Xerox PARC and the Ethernet?

The relationship between Xerox PARC and Ethernet is that the Ethernet was invented at Xerox PARC.

What are three types Ethernet?

Types Of Ethernet: *) IEEE 802.3 with SNA or non-SNA data *) Ethernet version 2 with non-SNA data *) Ethernet version 2 with SNA data

How do I switch my Ethernet internet link to my USB modem so I can use my Ethernet for different hookup?

put a usb in your laptop and transfer your ethernet file to the usb then place it where ever you want to have ethernet

What is an ethernet cord?

An ethernet cable is used in computer and internet connections and is available in different lengths and is also called an Ethernet Cable

Where do you connect the xbox Ethernet cable in the computer?

The Ethernet cable should generally not be plugged into your computer, but rather directly into an Ethernet router.

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