What is European colonialism?

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A system by which countries set up colonies to secure sources of raw materials and market for their products .

but many Muslims were killed

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Q: What is European colonialism?
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What legacies did the exploers leave behind?

If you are referring to the European explorers, their legacy was colonialism and post-colonialism.

How did spirits advance accelerate European colonialism?


What happend to the empires of early Africa?

Destroyed by European colonialism.

With the spread of colonialism European governments fit they needed to strengthen their armies and navies Why?

With the spread of colonialism European governments strengthened their armies and navies in order to maintain the status quo

What were the negative aspects of European colonialism?

They dominated English languages and customs.

Did South Korea have any European colonialism?

No, Korea was known as the hermit kingdom

What is meant by the phrase expansion of colonialism?

The expansion of colonialism refers to establishing new colonies by various European powers. This process ended by the 20th century.

How was the social structure of the Aztec empire similar to the social structures of latin America under European colonialism?

how was the social structure of th aztec empire similar to the social structure of latin america under european colonialism

When did colonialism happen?

European colonialism began to take place in the early 16th century. It continued far into the 20th century when the remainder of the colonies gained independence.

How did colonialism affect islands southeast Asia?

Colonialism brought a variety of cultures and ideas to island Southeast Asia. It has created populations with ties to European countries.

How did European colonialism affect Africa's culture?

it had a negative affect in the farming economy if Africa

What country of Sub-Saharan Africa held out the longest against European colonialism?


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