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What is European colonialism?

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A system by which countries set up colonies to secure sources of raw materials and market for their products .

but many Muslims were killed

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What legacies did the exploers leave behind?

If you are referring to the European explorers, their legacy was colonialism and post-colonialism.

How did spirits advance accelerate European colonialism?


What happend to the empires of early Africa?

Destroyed by European colonialism.

What were the negative aspects of European colonialism?

They dominated English languages and customs.

What is meant by the phrase expansion of colonialism?

The expansion of colonialism refers to establishing new colonies by various European powers. This process ended by the 20th century.

Did South Korea have any European colonialism?

No, Korea was known as the hermit kingdom

How was the social structure of the Aztec empire similar to the social structures of latin America under European colonialism?

how was the social structure of th aztec empire similar to the social structure of latin america under european colonialism

When did colonialism happen?

European colonialism began to take place in the early 16th century. It continued far into the 20th century when the remainder of the colonies gained independence.

How did colonialism affect islands southeast Asia?

Colonialism brought a variety of cultures and ideas to island Southeast Asia. It has created populations with ties to European countries.

What are some positive effects of European Colonialism on Africa for the Europeans?

One of the positive effects of European colonialism of Africa is that introduced efficient system of administration. They brought the industrial technology wit them which helped in the industrialization of many of the African countries.

How did European colonialism affect Africa's culture?

it had a negative affect in the farming economy if Africa

Why did European colonialism later result in civil wars?

So they can get a wider spread of land.

How did the industrialization help European countries establish colonialism and imperialism abroad?

European nations were able to generate new trade routes overseas

African art and artifacts came to the attention of western artists through?

European expansion and colonialism.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of European Colonialism?

ADVANTAGE: Africans have got development from out side DISADVANTAGE:ecnomic dependant

Which was a major result of World War 2?

european colonialism in many areas of the world delined

What country of Sub-Saharan Africa held out the longest against European colonialism?


The current political boundaries of African nations have been most influenced by?

the patterns of european colonialism

What are some results of colonialism?

Some results of colonialism include the presence of judicial systems, widespread use of European languages and the presence of of huge white population, especially in countries such as South Africa

What major event led to the European colonialism in southwest Asia?

defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I

Why Africa was colonised?

European countries wanted to take the resources from Africa for their own wealth and development. European countries used trade, religion, and military force to accomplish colonialism.

What was ironic about President Monroe's opposition to European colonialism?

He reserved the United States' right to interfere in Latin American affairs.

What is explains how colonialism might have helped cause World War 1?

Colonization increased tensions between European countries.

What explains how colonialism might have helped cause World War 1?

Colonization increased tensions between European countries. :)

What was a principal reason for the success of European colonialism in Asia in the late 1800s?

European weapons and industrial technologies were far more advanced than anything that the Asians could bring to bear.