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How can you format a computer to make it like it was when brand new?

A format will erase EVERYTHING, so if you have an external harddrive, backup everything in there. It will also erase youroperating system as well. If you reformat, your computer won't havean OS to boot from. If your computer is manufactured one like DELL/Compaq/HP/Gateway,your computer may have com ( Full Answer )

Should you format a new hard drive?

Answer . Depending on your hard drive. If it's a new external hard drive you should check to see if it's preformatted for your computer. For example I just bought a new LaCie drive for my Mac Powerbook. It already comes preformatted in HFS mode so I didn't have to do anything.\n. \nOther exte ( Full Answer )

What conditions are needed for the formation of a new star?

Turbulence deep within giant clouds of gas in space gives rise to knots with so much mass that the gas and dust can begin to collapse under its own gravitational attraction. The material at the center begins to heat up and will one day become a star. A star needs to form from a nebula , or a giant ( Full Answer )

How can isolation lead to the formation of new species?

Once a group becomes isolated, members of the isolated group mutateto adapt to their new environment. For birds, this may mean newcolors, food preferences and so on, which make it entirelydifferent from the original. Once a group becomes isolated, membersof the isolated group can no longer mate with ( Full Answer )

What is the process of new crust formation called?

Crustal accretion, crustal generation and crustal (petro)genesis are all terms that appear in the literature to describe the process of crustal formation. There are probably a large number of others!

What is the formation of a new species as a result of evolution?

New species is a genetically mutated breed which can survive and repopulate better than it's ancestors in the same given environment. Microevolution is evolution resulting from a succession ofrelatively small genetic variations that often cause the formationof new subspecies. Macroevolution is the l ( Full Answer )

The formation of new crust on the ocean floor?

Formation of new crust occurs at divergent plate boundaries known as mid-ocean ridges, where upwelling magma fills the void between plates that are moving apart.

Formation of new species?

This usually requires some kind of event that splits a population into two or more isolated populations that can no longer interact. Ordinary evolutionary processes then act on each population independently, usually causing genetic divergence between the populations. If the divergence gets large eno ( Full Answer )

If a potato is sliced can it formate new roots?

yes, when I used to grow potatoes in my garden, I would just quarter a potato and plant the pieces.. Certainly. Potatoes are often 'seeded' with a potato that has eyes growing that is cut up and planted rather than starting them from seed.

Process of the Formation of the New Testament?

The books were not arranged in the order of when written but according to subject matter. The first five books are about Jesus life and His activities preaching the good news of the kingdom along with Acts being about what those first four books led to, that is the activities of the apostles and the ( Full Answer )

What is the term for the formation of a new species?

The process of the formation of a new species is called speciation . This usually requires some kind of event that splits a population into two or more isolated populations that can no longer interact. Ordinary evolutionary processes then act on each population independently, usually causing ge ( Full Answer )

How do you format and partition a new hard disc drive?

Primary boot hard disk If you are replacing the primary boot disk (and the OS with it) this may be very easy. Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista: Once the new hard disk is installed, simply boot from the windows CD. The installation process will walk you through will be partitioning and formatting the ha ( Full Answer )

How do you get new MySpace format?

you go to a website like myhotcomments.com and go to layouts and click on the category you want and there you go.

Which Cultures influence the formation of the New Testament and how?

I'm sure someone can add more to this for a more complete answer, but the Roman culture had a lot to do with influencing the New Testament because of the era it took place in. Actually it was the Jewish Culture who were the first to hear the words of Jesus and spread it (with the exception of Pa ( Full Answer )

Do you have to format a new memory stick?

some come formatted, some don't - I'm sure Windows Explorer can handle it, if it's needed - just right-click on the drive and look through the pop-up menu

Three stages in the formation of New Testament?

1. The life and teachings of the Church- took place around A.D. 28-30 2. Oral Tradition- The New Testament had to be written down because many of the apostles were dying ~ happened around A.D. 65 3. The Written Gospels- the gospels were written between A.D. 60s and 90s

What is the new letter writing format for class 10 icse?

Class 10 ICSE is a form of class for Indian students. Letters canbe written formally or informally. The format is address on left,recipients name and title, name of organization. Date is thenwritten on left side, salutation, subject, body, and subscription.

How do you cite Google Trends in the new MLA format?

Start with stating Google. Follow with the trend name the date it started, the type of search use to gather data, and the author of the search. Last post the Google page where the trend is found.

Is Blu-ray a new DVD format?

Somewhat. Blu-Rays are NOT DVDs and they only display HD and therefore will only work on HDTVs

How is the reproductive isolation related to the formation of new species?

Speciation would not be possible without reproductive isolation. We define species today as a group of organisms capable of reproducing fertile offspring. If there was no reproductive isolation, it means that the organisms are constantly interbreeding, mixing their genes, thus unable to become two m ( Full Answer )

How can islation lead to formation of new species?

Allopatric Speciation (geographic isolation) can lead to the formation of a new species because the population is split in two smaller populations by a physical barrier (river, canyon, mountain...).

What is the format of a radio news bulletin?

Most radio news bulletins begin with a sound of some kind-- it used to be the click-clack sound a teletype machine, but now that nobody uses the telegraph, it is more likely an electronic sound. The purpose of beginning with a special sound is to get people's attention and tell them the program is b ( Full Answer )

Why are supernova important for the formation of new planets?

They are not necessarily important for planetary formation - directly, but they are important for the formation of solar systems and stars. When a molecular cloud exists, it will without any external intervention, stay as a molecular cloud. A supernova explosion nearby, gives the molecular clo ( Full Answer )

What is the process of formation of a new species?

The process is called: speciation. Basically it's when two subpopulations become reproductively isolated from one another and diverge genetically, morphologically and behaviourally.

What formation of a new species?

I presume you mean, how does a new species form?... A group of one species get seperated from another, and circumstance change. shall we say... the tempertature rises? this one group (in a high temperature) will have an advantage if they have less fur, for they will not be as hot, therefore the ( Full Answer )

Why does WikiAnswers have a new bio format for new members?

The Bio/Profile format is intended to eventually be for all members, not just new ones. The current format doesn't have all the bells and the whistles that the old one does yet, which is why it hasn't been rolled out to everyone. The reason it has been rolled out to new users is that there are Fa ( Full Answer )

How does polyploidy lead to formation of new species?

Taking sexually reproducing plants for example, and keeping it simple, one can start with a plant possessing, say, 24 chromosome pairs going though replication and ending up with this replication producing 48 chromosome pairs; something not uncommon in plants. Now this new plant can not reproduce wi ( Full Answer )