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What is Fair play?

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Playing within the rules, and not only the letter of the rules but theintent of them as well. Fair play means you win a boxing match by being a better boxer, not by having weights in your gloves, a horse race by having a better horse, not by injuring your opponent's horse, a football game by playing better football, not by paying a hooker to distract their star player.

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Is fair an adjective noun?

Fair can be an adjective, adverb or a noun depending on how it is used.Examples:The children bought cotton candy from the country fair.(fair = noun)If you don't play fairly, other kids won't want to play with you. (fair = adverb0The referee determined that it was a fair play. (fair = adjective)

When was Fair Play - novel - created?

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Why does fair is foul or foul is fair is the theme of play?


Identity 5 fair play strategies that enhance sport participation?

5 fair play strategies

Which animal does not play fair?

There are many animals in the world that do not play fair. One of these animals is the rattle snake.

What is the Opposite word of fair-play?

It depends how you are using fair-play. Try one of these: misbehave, disparity, unfairness, injustice, discrimination.

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My Fair Lady is considered a musical.

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The Three Witches say, "fair is foul and foul is fair" in the play MacBeth by Shakespeare.

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My Fair Lady is a movie based on the play 'Pygmalion' written by George Bernard Shaw.

What is the FIFA objectives?

play fair

Which team won the Fair play Award In IPl 5?

Rajasthan Royals won fair play AWARD in IPL 5!! :):)

What is the mad gab answer for turnip out fir play?

Turn about - fair play. The more common expression is 'Turn-about is fair play' but the mad gab seems to be missing a word...

What are the release dates for Big Bag - 1996 Fair Play at the Country Fair 2-28?

Big Bag - 1996 Fair Play at the Country Fair 2-28 was released on: USA: 16 June 1998

What is the proper definition of fair play?

According to the MacMillan Dictionary, "fair play" is a noun that refers to the behavior of players who follow the rules of the game and do not cheat. It can also refer to behavior that is fair and honest.

How do you cheat on Pokemon card battles?

You don't. You play fair like a good person. Sorry if your pokemon suck, but you need to play it fair.

Who has the Fair play in world cup 2010?

the Spain had a fair play, because the player never received yellow cards in any of there games

What is the ground rules in all sports?

play hard play fair

What is the Opposite word of fair play?

Unfair play, inequality, unfairness.

If an outfielder juggles and drops a fly ball while in fair territory but the ball is falling foul is the play fair or foul?


Does fair play winners qualify for Europe?

No you can not .

Where can you play puffle paddle?

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