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Avoid it at all costs. It is an addictive game that is fun to play. You plant and harvest crops and generally run a basic farm. A better version on Facebook is Farm town, which neighbors help you with the process also. Avoid that one also! It is the most addictive game on facebook.

I dont like farmtown at all. But farmville is VERY addictive. It is a very fun game that you add friends as neighbors to help on your farm and raise animals, plant , and harvest plants.

Farmville is addictive for these reasons:

1) Farmville on facebook is like many other games, because it has LEVELS! The more you increase your level, the more things you can unlock and buy.

2) How you play is like this: you plant your seed, and it takes a long time for them to grow. when they do however, it takes a very short time for them to rot. if you don't pick them in time, then you don't get the profit for them. or the experience to increase levels.

3) Like the saying, your eyes are bigger than your belly, or in this case your wallet. all the best items cost facebook credits. these credits are real money and they cost a ridiculous amount of real money. this is often how face book helps pay little extra bills on things to add to the website's game. its a cycle.

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2010-11-04 17:11:25
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Q: What is Farmville on Facebook?
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Do you need a Facebook to play FarmVille?

I only play Farmville on facebook, but you can go to the Zynga website and play Farmville there, but that too needs a facebook acount to attatch too.No you can't get Farmville off Facebook. I only play on Facebook. Farmville's best on Facebook. I can get it on the Zynga website because I'm on Facebook.

Are they having problems on Facebook with FarmVille?

they are not having problems on facebook with farmville.

What do the turkeys produce on Facebook Farmville?

The turkeys on Facebook Farmville produce feathers. :-)

How do you get out of Farmville?

Farmville is on your Facebook page, so all you have to do is go to your Facebook homepage.

I don't have a Facebook account how can I play Farmville?

You can't play farmville without a facebook profile. To play farmville you will have to create a profile on facebook. Once you have signed up you will then have to search for farmville on facebook or go to and then login using your facebook profile.

How could you join Farmville on Facebook?

Search for Farmville on the Search box of your Facebook homepage and then allow the Farmville application and that's it.

Where is can you can play farmville?

Facebook is the website where you can play Farmville.

Farmville is on Twitter or not?

Farmville is not on Twitter. It is an application available on Facebook.

Where can you play Farmville?

the only place that you can play farmville is facebook.

How do you change your name in FarmVille on facebook?

On farmville you can not change your name.

Can you get Farmville on buzz?

no farmville is only on facebook dot com

Do you have to have a Facebook to have a farmville?


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