What is Fear of aliens called?

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Xenophobia is the fear of strangers, foreigners or aliens.


Xeno = strangers, foreigners and aliens (more in the sense of people who are strangers, aliens... and probably not so much as "aliens" from ufo's... though for lack of better term, we still use the term xenophobia to indicate the fear of aliens)

Baara = From the Hebrew - brutish, one of the wives of Shaharaim a Benjamite

Baara = From the Hebrew - brutish, an Israelitish woman

chuter = is the French verb "To Fall"

As you can see, the fake word "baaraparchuter" was fabricated by the last person(s) that updated this answer and therefore does NOT exist!!!

NOR means "fear of extra-terrestrials, the dead" (Necrophobia is the fear of death and fear of the dead). Unfortunately, a lot of people out there took it as if it was a true since it's on a wiki and they didn't stop wonder if it was a real word or not.

If you want to know if a word is real, just look at the word's etymology (root language of a word) and you'll find your answer.

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Xenophobia means fear of the strange, so it is about as close as you are likely to get to the term you are looking for, at least until *real* aliens are found. Then people with an irrational fear of them will probably be called (alien race name)ophobes. So far, there is no known and proven need for such a term. In real life, aliens are not known and proven to even exist.

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Xenophobia, the fear of strangers, foreigners, and aliens.

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Xenophobia - fear of strangers, foreigners, or aliens.

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Nothing confused aliens, they have stong brains and can sense fear and forced confusion.

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Spakafobia is the fear of Aliens, apparently lol

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