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In general, "you are" is "vous êtes" (formal or plural) or "tu es" (informal singular) in French.

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What are some French specialty dishes?

french fries french toast french dressing french beret crossiant french gracapusta french women french poodles

Are you French or are you a French?

Its "are you french?"

What is what is French?

French is French is a language. What is "quoi" in French.

What are foods that start with the word French?

French dressing French toast French fries French bread French Vanilla Ice Cream

What are some popular foods with the word French in them?

French Toast, french fries, french onion soup, french dressing, french bread,french salad

What language do the French speek?

French speak French, or in French, Francais.

Is French Polynesia a French colony?

French Polynesia is a French dependency, and so part of the French territory.

Name something that starts with the word French?

french fries french toast french kiss french bread french dressing

What colonies did France have in Africa?

French MoroccoFrench AlgeriaFrench EgyptFrench TunisiaFrench LibyaIvory CoastDahomeyFrench SudanFrench GuineaMauritaniaNigerSenegalFrench Upper VoltaFrench TogolandChadOubangui-ChariFrench CongoGabonFrench CameroonsEritreaMadagascarFrench Somaliland

Where does the French in french fries come from?

The word french in french fries comes from the inventor of french fries which i do not no at the moment but given that french fries were created by a french man which i know for a fact that may be were the french comes from.

Is cheesecake French or Italian?

cheesecake is french cheesecake is french Cheesecake is French

What is the French word for 'french fries'?

French fries are called 'frites' in French (no mention of them being 'French')

Which foods have the word 'French' in their names even though they are not French?

French fries. French toast.

Do people in French Guiana speak French?

Yes in French Guiana they speak French and French Guiana Creole.

What colonies did France control in Africa?

MauritaniaSenegalAlbredaFrench SudanFrench GuineaIvory CoastNigerFrench Upper VoltaFrench DahomeyFrench TogolandGabonFrench CamerounFrench CongoOubangui-ChariChadFrench AlgeriaFrench MoroccoFrench TunisiaMadagascarFrench Somaliland

Name some French breakfast?

French toast, french fries, french dressing, and french animals and people! "French" fries actually came from belguim

Do the French call a French kiss a French kiss?

They don't. Americans call it a French kiss and the French call it a kiss.

How did the French language come to French Polynesia?

French Polynesia is a French territory, so French is a required language taught

Why were the French citizens upset with the French monarchy?

Why were the French citizens upset with the French monarchy?

How do you say French toast in French?

French toast is 'du pain perdu' in French.

What is all in French?

Tout is all in french. Aussi is also in french. Et is and in french.

What is the French word for French?

French is spelled 'français / française' in French.

What is French for it?

french for "it" is il but il is also french for he

How do you say he and she in French?

He in french is Il and she in french is Elle

What is French while in France its?

french is francais in french.