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Goal Defence

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What does the gd in netball do?

The Goal Defence (GD) in netball is on the Goal Attack (GA). The GD position is to defend the ball and try to get as many turnovers as possible and defend the GA when she has a shot a goal.

Where can GD go on the netball court?

GD can go in the centre third and the defending third and in the opponents semi circle

What does GD stand for in netball?

Goal Direct is a man who direct the team

What are the netball court line names?

gf cg cd gd

How many players are there on court for a netball team?

there are 7 players on a netball court. GS GA WA C WD GD GK

In netball which players may receive the center pass?

Gd, wd, ga, wa

How many player are there on a netball team?

There are 7 players on a netball team; C, WA, GA, GS, WD, GD, GK Hope that helps:)

GD in netball?

GD stands for Goal Defence The goal defence stands in the goal circle and defends the goals to prevet the other team getting goals.

What position in netball does rebecca bulley play?

Rebecca Bulley plays the position of GD, GK

What does GD mean in netball?

It means Goal Direct.... Can go in the goal and middle thirds and in the goal circle

Name me some popular netball players?

Pamela cookey - GA Amanda newton - GD i think

How many members in a netball team?

There is 7 ,GA GS WA GD GK WD and C

How many players are in a netball team?

Their are 7 GA,GD,GK,GS,C,WA and WD :) xx

Where can goal defence go in netball?

In the third GD starts in, the shooting circle in the third they started in, and the center third.

How many players make a netball team?

Seven - GS, GA, WA, C, WD, GD, GK.

How many players is there on a netball team?

there are 7 players GS GA WA C WD GD GK

Where does gd in netball go?

well gd is goal defence. so the goal defence stands beside the oppnents goal attack and makes sure the ball does not go on their side it goes on your side of the court

What are the Defenders called om a netball team?

The defenders in a netball team are: Goal defence (GD) Goal Keeper(GK) Wing Defence(WD) Centre is considered a defender and an attacker(C)

Players and positions in netball?

there are seven players on each team (gk, gd, wd, c, wa, ga, gs)

What are the responsibilities of the center in netball?

It is when both WA/GS/GD/WD are not free from their opponent that is when Centre positionruns in for the ball.

What position in netball does Irene van Dyks daughter play?

irene daughter plays goal attack and i think gd as well

How many players allowed in the shooting area in netball?

4, opposing team GA & G, defending team GD & GK

Positions for two teams on a netball court?

GS GKGA GD WA WDC CWD WA GD GAGK GSKey :1st teamC 2nd team(;

What are the 7 players on a netball team called?

c-center ga-goal attack gd-goal defense wa-wing attack wd-wing defense gs-goal shooter gd-goal defense

What are the posistions in netball?

The positions in Netball are, C(Center) WA(Wing Attack) WD(Wing Defence) GA(Goal Attack) GD(Goal Defence) GS(Goal Shooter) and GK(Goal Keeper)

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