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Q: What is Galileo's first name?
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What is Galileos first name?

Galileo Galilei

What is galileos kids name?


What is Galileos whole name?

Galileo Ross Galilei

Why did Galileos parents name him Galileo?

Because they wanted to.

What was galileos two girls name?

virginia and livia

What was Galileo's moms nae?

what was galileos moms name

What was Galileos full name?

Galileo Jesus lord labdo sindo ala mensa galili

Who is Galileos father?

Vincenzo Galilei

What was Galileos contribution?

Found planets and satellites.

What was some of galileos inventions?

the funky worm

What was the date of galileos discovery?

Which one are you referring to?

Who were Galileos role models?

ryan shuck

How was Galileos life?

Astronomer phisicist engineer philosopher

What was galileos kids called?

Vincenz lorreta jade

What is galileos branch of science?

astronomy, maths and physics

How did Galileos father influence him?

hewas a horrible father

Is michealangelo Galileos brother?

No michealangelo is not galileo's brother

When was galileos death?

January 8, 1642. He was 77

How much did galileos mission cost?

35 millions dollar

What are Galileo's contributions to science?

what hee galileos contributations to science

What is galileos favorite colour?

I'm pretty sure it was brown

How did Galileos contributions affect people?

by sharing his knowledge of what he knew

What was galileos favorite thing to do?

the answer is childrens is that he was a bum he wasent rich

What controversy did Galileos work cause?

to have supported the theroy of heliomentric

What did galileos ideas have to do with the law of gravity?

nothing...nothing at all