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What is Genesys reporting?

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October 17, 2015 6:48PM

Genesys Reporting probably is in reference to a suite of products from Genesys, "The World's No. 1 Contact Center Software"

Genesys has released several reporting products over the years. This would include products for Real-Time reporting and historical reporting on call center activity.

The products are as follows: (please note that some of these are no longer supported or available from Genesys)

Call Center Pulse+ (CC Pulse)

* Used for real-time reporting. Connect to a Statistical Server that tracts telephony events, actions and status.

DART - So old I can't remember what the acronym stands for.

* Provided historical reporting based on call detail records recorded by Genesys Call Concentrator.

Call Concentrator (CCON)

* This was a server application used to record call detail records. Initially used by DART, but continued to be a stand-alone data collector when DART was discontinued. Reporting on the call detail records was not straightforward. Complex procedures needed to be set up to extract, transform and load (ETL) the call concentrator data into a reporting database. No standard reports were provided as no 'reporting' database schema was provided or recommended.

Call Center Analyzer (CCA)

* Historical Reporting based on Statistical Server, same and CC Pulse.

* CCA included data collection, Reporting Datamart, and Report Delivery vie Brio (turn Hyperion and now Oracle)

* Call Detail Records were not provided. Statistics / reporting data was captured in a summary form, usually every 15 minutes.

Info Mart

* Historical Reporting.

* I believe this was initially based on Call Concentrator, but has changed up to Interaction Concentrator (ICON).

* Initially Genesys did not include a report delivery component, only the data collection and reporting database. However, this may have changed to include some basic reports for Business Object.