George Clooney

What is George Clooney's weight?

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He doesn't have children.

He doesn't have children.

George Clooney was born MAY 6,1961

No, she is his aunt. She is the sister of his father.

George Clooney played the Dr. Douglas in the TV series "ER".

Nurse Carol Ross (néeHathaway)

Rosmary Clooney, George Clooneys aunt

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No one. His father was newsman Nick Clooney .

George Clooneys Net Worth is around 130-150 Million. He made around 40 million last year alone.

Clooney has an older sister named Adelia Zeidler, and she typically goes by "Ada." She was last interviewed in 2012 by ABC, and at that time, she was 52, had two kids, and lived in Kentucky.

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George is 5' 10" and weighs 160 lbs.

George sampson weight 5-10lbz when he was born:)

George Sampson is known for being the winner of season 2 of Britain's Got Talent. As of 2014 he is 21 years old but his weight is not listed.

There are no records of the weight, height, hair color or eye color of Saint George.

george Clooneys fanclub would become a powerful beast and take over weak countries while reenacting the holocaust except with fans of will smith. they will start a new world war over who is people magazines sexiest man in America

5'11" 180 or something different

He had a kidney transplant and considering he couldn't eat had a result to lose weight, hope this helps(:

Yes he did it's part of the new seasons of George Lopez

Towards the end of his life, a point when he was relatively fit, he estimated his own weight to be 210 pounds.

Lapband procedure that is not so invasive

The cast of The Weight on My Shoulders - 2013 includes: George Xander as Tim Brandon

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