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it says 9 37 15 but when you do 37 it doesn't work

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Q: What is Gregs school locker number on poptropica?
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How do you open gregs locker on wimpy wonderland on poptropica?

you go to the school go inside go to the bottom right hand corner the 8th locker 9,27,15

How do you get the guide on wimpy wonderland island poptropica?

you get it from gregs locker in the school,the combination is 9,37,15 then the pile of papers will fall out and you will get the twisted wizard guide.

How do you get the twisted wizard from greg in poptropica?

well he doesnt give you the guide. you have to go to the school and to the 8 locker to the left is gregs locker. you use the paper with the cobination(9,37,15) and when it opens you take the guide.

How do you get the locker combination for gregs locker?

You get it on the pine tree to the right of Greg's school.

Where is Gregs locker combination at?

On the tree where you have to jump on to get into the school

How do you get the guide to beating twisted wizard in wimpy wonderland poptropica?

When you unlock Gregs locker the guide is in there

Where do you find the video game guide in poptropica wimpy wonderland?

It is in Gregs's locker. Get into the school. Move your mouse slowly on top of the lockers. one u will be able to click on. In the tree outside of the school U should find a piece of paper. This is the code for Greg's locker. Open the locker and the guide will be in it.

Where is Gregs locker in the school wimpy wonder land?

Greg's locker is 7 from Holly Hill's and is 5 from Chirag Gupta's.

Where is gregs locker?

His locker is by skys his gf

How can you open the trashcan near gregs school on poptropica?

I do not think you can open it

How do you pass the video game that gregs playing?

you go to his locker in school and get the guide. You bring it to him and do what it says.

Where can you find the piece of gregs diary poptropica?

In gregs room

What is gregs locker combination?


How do you get to gregs locker in Wimpy Wonderland?

You have to jump up the tree on the right side of the school then you'll get a scrap of paper which says Greg's locker combination, then you go into the school and find Greg's locker (Greg's locker is the locker that doesn't have any blue lines through it) Once you've found the locker you click on it and you swirl round until the numbers are right.

What is the journal page for in wimpy wonderland?

it tells you where Gregs locker is but the easiest way to find the locker is that where the locker with the broken lock there is a locker close around there that is plain white with no stripes like the others. that is gregs locker :) i still dont get how to pass the twisted wizard game though :(

Which is gregs locker in Wimpy Wonderland?

5th lockers from the broken locker go to the right

How do you defete twisted wizard on wimpy wonderland poptropica?

it is simple first you go to the school and open gregs locker then the guide is in the locker so you pick it up and go to gregs house (where you find him laying down on a pile of chips) you then ask him some questions and you end up playing the game but BEFORE YOU CLICK START YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE WIZARD then if you win greg gets up and helps you hope this was helpfull friend my poptropican user name : apple10483 person name : lazyfeather

How do you make the comanation for Gregs locker in wimpy wonderland?

In the tree to the right of the school is a scrap piece of paper with numbers on it. This is the combination.

How do you get into the locker to get the twisted wizard game?

Go into the school and click on the locker on the first floor that is whiter then all of the other ones and then insert the locker code: 9, 37, 15! And you will get the game guide, which you bring back to Gregs house and he lets you play the game.

How do you get the twisted wizard guide in wimpy wonderland in poptropica?

What you do is you enter the school and you have to chase manny until he leaves ( but don't go outside yet!) you stay on the same floor and move your mouse along the lockers until the hand comes up and you click the locker (which is gregs locker) and you have to set the combination which is 9, 37, 15 and inside is the book. you go back to gregs house and he is sitting inside in his underwear with a blanket over him playing twisted wizard. He unabled cheats and you have to play the game and turn on easy mode ( its very complicated to do!) keep trying!

What locker is greg's?

just move your mouse over all the lockers until the finger comes up then you know its gregs locker

How do you open gregs locker on wimpy wonderland?

First go to the tree on the right of the school and you will find a note. It will say Greg's locker combination. To get into the school push the trash barrel to the left side of the seesaw. Then jump on the right side of the seesaw. Then push the trash barrel over to the left side of the ledge. Then jump on the barrel and on to the window ledge. You will find Manny in the school. You chase him. After look for locker that looks different from all the other lockers. Then move your mouse over three spaces. You will find Greg's locker. Then use the combination that you found in the tree to open the locker.

Where is gregs grandmother in poptropica wimpy wonderland?

in 325 North Main Street.

What do you do once you catch the crab on poptropica board walk?

then you get gregs money with the crab and give it to him and then you win the game

Where is a leaf blower in wimpy wonderland poptropica?

it is in gregs garage after you kick rodirick out by turning off the lights