What is HBL relay under hood of 2002 wrangler?

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(H)eated (B)ack (L)ight. Its for a rear defrost for those hard-tops that have them.
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Is the TNS relay in the fuse box under the hood a 'turn signal relay' and if so could that be the reason the turn signals and emergency flashers will not work on a 1999 Mazda 626?

Answer . The TNS relay in my '99 626 is blown, causing the dash lights, front & back parking lights, and taillights to not work. Turn signals and hazard lights still work.\n. \nQuick test: The A/C relay is exactly the same part. You can swap relays to check the TNS relay. Be warned that swap ( Full Answer )

Where can you find an under the hood fuse diagram for a 2002 Dodge Stratus?

On the inside top of the under the hood fuse compartment. Inside the top are numbers that correspond to a page in the owners manual (its the page listed in the index under "fuses") which tell you which part they are for (ie the top will say box 39, box 40 ...but the owners manual will tell you tha ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the under hood bulb on a 2002 Dodge Ram?

To replace the under the hood bulb on a 2002 Dodge Ram it is alwaysrecommended that you first remove the negative terminal on yourbattery. Between the lamp base and the lens base there should be asmall slot. Insert a small flat screwdriver into the slot. Pry thelamp lens forward (upward) and remove ( Full Answer )

1996 dodge grand caravan wiper relay under hood for front wiper has no power why there is power to wiper switch and fuse is good?

I don't have a specific answer, however, I owned one of these vans and found the wipers used to turn on by themselves. I have since sold it. Ultimate control of the circuit for the front wipers is thru the Body Control Module located behind storage tray mounted below radio,floor level by right ( Full Answer )

1995 jeep wrangler Sahara horn doesnt work cannot locate under hood where is it?

Horn doesn't blow . \nThe horn is located on the left front fender near the radiator. Mine (1994 Sahara) would not work until after about 10 minutes of banging on the horn button on the steering wheel. This vehicle had sat unused for a while with no windows and this may have contributed to the f ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse relay for a cigarette lighter in 1991 Honda accord not under hood and not underdash and radio works not on any diagrams either?

Answer The cigarette lighter does not have a relay. It does however have a fuse. It may use the same fuse as the radio. If all fuses are good, suspect the lighter itself is bad. Try your lighter in a know good lighter receptacle. If it works there, then suspect the lighter receptacle in your car is ( Full Answer )

What is the serpentine belt routing for 1998 Jeep Wrangler 6-cyl with AC and power steering if the routing sticker under the hood is missing?

\nPinch the belt into a loop, pass "the loop" down the right side of the fan & slip it onto the crank pulley,pass the "non-ribbed" side over the water pump, then left onto the alternator, then up onto the A/C, then down under the idler pully, & over to the power-steering pump and finally the "non-ri ( Full Answer )

Where is the auto shut down relay on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager lost the top of the fuse box under the hood?

Answer . \nWhen you say auto shut down relay (I may be wrong), but I am assuming you mean the inertia switch. On most all vehicles from the mid 90's have an inertia switch that monitors vehicle turbulence, the purpose being that if you are in a impact accident or rollover, it detects this and s ( Full Answer )

Where is the drl main relay location in Toyota Echo 2001 is it possible to disable drl from the relay no 5 under hood?

drl main relay location at left side of the dash panel , you can not disable drl from relay No. 5 , I will tell you how to disable drl Toyota echo . first you pull out toward you the dash panel cover , it will come out easy , you will find at left side of panel two small boxes fixed on a bar , first ( Full Answer )

Peugoet 406v6 wiring relay location of fan relays under hood?

of couse indeed,there are the relays for both motor fans,you can shunt each to test that the fans are running,if not, then check the brushes are in contact with colector´s rotor so,some times the carbons remain bonded by dust and does not make the contact and does not works the motor fan.make the ( Full Answer )

What is the location number of the air pump relay power distribution box under the hood of a 1998 ford expedition?

I was looking at the power distribution box diagram for your 1998 Ford Expedition. and it shows ( 6 ) relays but none of them are labelled for the air suspension. In the P D BOX :. fuse # 4 is a 15 amp mini fuse for the air suspension service switch and. fuse # 15 is a 50 amp maxi fuse for the A ( Full Answer )

Where the under the hood light of a Jeep Wrangler switch is located?

The switch is part of the lamp assembly. qcbt3The lamp assembly uses a mercury switch similar to a home thermostat. as the switch body is moved (by raising the hood) encapsulated mercury flows from one end to the other of its capsule and makes the circuit for the under hood lamp. To test,remove the ( Full Answer )

Will the fuel relay cause car to catch fire under hood?

yes a fuel relay will catch a car on fire it just happened to me good thing i caught it in time my whole fuse box was on fire and the rubber around it the cause was a short in the fuel relay

1990 jeep wrangler when you try to start it it will make a clicking noise under the hood battery is fine what else could it be?

Could be several things but you need to check the terminals on the battery for good connection, the cables coming off your battery for signs of corrosion, and if all those check out and you know you are getting plenty of power to your starter solenoid then you have a bad starter solenoid. Basically ( Full Answer )

Where is the water pump under the hood of a jeep wrangler?

This depends on which engine your wrangler has in it as to exact location and type. On the 2.5L 4-cyl, 4.0L & 4.2L 6-cyl it is on the front center of the engine behind and attached to the pulley directly above the bottom pulley (Cranshaft pulley). On the 2.4L 4-cyl it is above the bottom center ( Full Answer )

How do you jump start 2002 jaguar xj8 from under the hood?

on the passenger side front wheel well in the engine compartment there is a stud with a black cover snap off lid and two big wires, that look almost like tubing, running to it. Hook pos+ there and neg- to the metal somewhere.

Which relay under the hood on a 97 ford Aerostar controls horn and cruise control?

\n. \n. I'm not a mechanic / technician but if your horn and cruise control stopped \n. \n. working at the same time , it might be the clock-spring inside your steering \n. \n. wheel column cover . The clockspring allows a person to turn the steering \n. \n. wheel while still maintaining t ( Full Answer )