What is Hinduism?

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Hinduism is one of the oldest known organized religions - it's sacred writings date as far back as 1400 to 1500 B.C. It is also one of the most diverse and complex, having millions of gods. Hindus have a wide variety of core beliefs and exist in many different sects. Although it is the third largest religion in the world, Hinduism exists primarily in India and Nepal.

It is more than a religion. It is a set of instructions that tell how to live a virtuous life. Hinduism originated in India but people practice the religion all over the world in places like Maldives, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal and Srilanka.

Though Hinduism is often understood as being polytheistic, supposedly recognizing as many as 330 million gods, it also has one "god" that is supreme - Brahman. Brahman is an entity believed to inhabit every portion of reality and existence throughout the entire universe. Brahman is both impersonal and unknowable and is often believed to exist in three separate forms: Brahma - Creator; Vishnu - Preserver; and Shiva - Destroyer. These "facets" of Brahman are also known through the many other incarnations of each. It is difficult to summarize Hindu theology since the various Hindu schools contain elements of almost every theological system.

Hinduism can be:

  1. Monastic - Only one thing exists; Sankara's school
  2. Pantheistic - Only one divine thing exists so that God is identical to the world; Brahmanism
  3. Pantheistic - The world is part of God; Ramanuja's School
  4. Theistic - Only one God, distinct from Creation; Bhakti Hinduism.

Observing other schools, Hinduism can also be atheistic, deistic, or even nihilistic. With such diversity included under the title "Hindu," one may wonder what makes them "Hindu" in the first place. About the only real issue is whether or not a belief system recognizes the Vedas as sacred. If it does, then it is Hindu. If not, then it is not Hindu.

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