What is Hispanic?

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== In English, the word "Hispanic" derives from the Latin word Hispania, which described the Hispanic peninsula, now occupied by both Spain and Portugal. The word, therefore, describes anything related to the Hispanic Peninsula and by extension, anything derived from either Spain or Portugal. The term "Hispanic" was originally coined by the 19th Century French as part of their justification for French intervention in Mexico. In the US, the term Hispanic is used in law and in custom to refer to anyone connected with or descended from the cultures or peoples of Spain, Portugal, or the Spanish or Portugese-speaking nations of South and Central America and the Caribbean. This grouping is used because people from all these nations experienced similar types of discrimination during the period just before anti-discrimination efforts began to take hold in culture and in law in the US. == Hispanic is the ethnicity of those who speak Spanish. So any nation that has Spanish as their mother tongue, is Hispanic. That is from Mexico, Argentina, etc. In the US, it has been used wrongfully to describe people from Latin America. However, those from Spain are Caucasian since they are of European decent.

But not all Latin Americans are Hispanic. Brazilians for example do not speak Spanish. we speak Portuguese, thus making us Lusophone.

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Q: What is Hispanic?
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