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What is Hispanic?

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== In English, the word "Hispanic" derives from the Latin word Hispania, which described the Hispanic peninsula, now occupied by both Spain and Portugal. The word, therefore, describes anything related to the Hispanic Peninsula and by extension, anything derived from either Spain or Portugal. The term "Hispanic" was originally coined by the 19th Century French as part of their justification for French intervention in Mexico. In the US, the term Hispanic is used in law and in custom to refer to anyone connected with or descended from the cultures or peoples of Spain, Portugal, or the Spanish or Portugese-speaking nations of South and Central America and the Caribbean. This grouping is used because people from all these nations experienced similar types of discrimination during the period just before anti-discrimination efforts began to take hold in culture and in law in the US. == Hispanic is the ethnicity of those who speak Spanish. So any nation that has Spanish as their mother tongue, is Hispanic. That is from Mexico, Argentina, etc. In the US, it has been used wrongfully to describe people from Latin America. However, those from Spain are Caucasian since they are of European decent.

But not all Latin Americans are Hispanic. Brazilians for example do not speak Spanish. we speak Portuguese, thus making us Lusophone.

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hispanic not hispanic

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yes. he is a hispanic

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no he is not hispanic matter of fact he is from canda but i am sure he would date hispanic girlsJustin Bieber is not Hispanic.

What percent Hispanic do you have to be to mark Hispanic as your race?

Hispanic is not a race. It is a connection to Spanish speaking. You can be white- Hispanic, Black Hispanic, or any other race. It is a reference only to Spanish speaking.

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Hispanic Scholarship Fund and The National Hispanic Recognition Program are the two top Hispanic scholarships in the US.

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Yes He is Hispanic

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Of course he's Hispanic. He was the first Hispanic to ever play baseball.

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Hispanic Heritage Month is cccelebrated for all of the hispanic race.

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The answer is yes and no some Mexicans are Native Amercans and some Mexicans are of Spanish blood.But in the United States anyone who says he/she is hispanic is therefore hispanic and anyone who says there not hispanic is therefore not hispanic simple as that.

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Who was the Hispanic player in the Mbl

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Lourdes can be a Hispanic name.

If your father is half Hispanic and your mom is Caucasian are you considered Hispanic?

Being Hispanic is not a race but a cultural identity. If one of your paternal grandparents was Hispanic and your mother is Caucasian, you can call your self Hispanic if you want. The term does seem to apply better if you have been part of the Hispanic community, participated in the culture, or have personally experienced anti-Hispanic prejudice or discrimination at some point.

What percentage is a kid of a white race and full hispanic?

hispanic is not a race their are white, black, tan,and Asian hispanic

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Europe is a continent,not a country. Europe is not Hispanic,Hispanic is mainly in South/Central America.

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hispanic food originated in hispania

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I thing that antonio banderas is hispanic.

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hispanic is spelled "hispanique" in French.

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Hispanic Business was created in 1979.

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