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is it a lens !!

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Does medication in the form of an intraocular disk dissolve or does it need to be removed?

The medication dissolves, but the disk has to be removed at some point. Can stay in eye for up to 1 week.

What is a sentence using intraocular?

He had an intraocular injury when someone threw a pencil.

Which test measures intraocular pressure?

Tonometry is the test that measures intraocular pressure.

How can you use this word in a sentence intraocular?

He had an intraocular injury when someone threw a pencil.

Explain what intraocular routes of medication administration involve?

intraocular routes of medication administration involue

When is an intraocular lens inserted during phacoemulsification?

The insertion of an intraocular lens (IOL) usually immediately follows phacoemulsification.

What is the medical term meaning increased intraocular pressure?

Glaucoma is the increased intraocular pressure that results in retinal and optic nerve damage.

What has the author Edwin Olmos written?

Edwin Olmos has written: 'Intraocular lenses' -- subject(s): Cataract Extraction, Intraocular lenses

What does Intraocular pressures of 12mmHg mean?

Normal intraocular pressure is between 10 and 20 mmHg. I've also seen 15.5 +/- 2.75.

What is normal intraocular pressure?

Hi :) Normal values for normal Intraocular Pressure is between 1.3 and 2.6kPa (10-20mmHg). Hope this helps?! x

What has the author John J Alpar written?

John J. Alpar has written: 'Fechner's Intraocular lenses' -- subject(s): Cataract Extraction, Intraocular lenses

What cosmetic implant covers the portion of the eye?


What is the prognosis for people with intraocular retinoblastoma?

Individuals with intraocular retinoblastoma who do not have trilateral retinoblastoma usually have a good survival rate with a 90% chance of disease-free survival for five years.

What is pseudoglioma?

Any intraocular opacity liable to be mistaken for retinoblastoma.

What causes intraocular pressure?

It is most usually associated with glaucoma.

How will the obstruction of the canal of Schlemm will result?

It results in reduced intraocular pressure

What is the name of the procedure that is performed to check the intraocular pressure of the eye?


What does the medical abbreviation IOP mean?

IOP stands for intraocular pressure.

What is the cpt code for extracapsular cataract extraction with intraocular lens?


What is the name for a neoplastic intraocular disease found primarily in children?


What does tonometry measure?

Tonometry measures intraocular pressure (i.e. checks for glaucoma).

What does trabeculectomy surgery accomplish?

The purpose is to lower intraocular pressure in the treatment of glaucoma.

What do intraocular lenss do?

replace the natural lens that is removed during cataract surgery

What is the medical term meaning within the eye?

The term for "inside the eye" is "intraocular."

What maintains intraocular pressure?

Intraocular pressure is 16 mm Hg and helps to maintain the shape of the eyeball. Intraocular pressure is maintained by a jelly-like substance, called the vitreous humor, which is located in the posterior cavity of the eye. According to the eyeball's structure it appears in this order: cornea, anterior cavity, pupil, iris, lens, posterior cavity (containing vitreous humor).