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Iran's government is an Islamic Republic. It is governed under the constitution of 1979, after the Iranian Revolution when the Shah was disposed and the monarchy was dissolved. The Supreme Leader, elected by the Council of Experts, is the head of state; he serves for life and controls military and judiciary matters. There is also a president elected by popular vote, along with a parliament. They serve four-year intervals.

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Q: What is Irans government?
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What type of government was the last government of Iran?

Irans last government was an Islamic republic.

Is Irans government ruled by religious leaders?

Yes, unfortunately it is.

What is Irans leading expWhat is Irans leading export?

Irans leading export is in energy sector. Firstly Oil, then Gas

What is Irans economy based on?

Half of Iran's government and the private sector is half of the Iranian economy. The Iranian government that Iran is trying to privatize it.

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Irans nuclear acivities is peaceful and Irans government declared that they are ready to cooperate with agency and they didnt make any bombs yet although American and europian politicians believe that they're hiding theirs activities

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Who are Irans citizen?

over 7.1 millon people

What are Irans major trading goods?

corn and wheat

What is Irans capital city?

Tehran is capital of iran.

What is Irans capital?

The capital city of Iran is Tehran

Are three-fourths of Irans people Arabs?

no they are shia muslim

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The people from Iran are called Iranians.

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Iran is geographically located in Asia, in the Middle East.

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Iran was a country since 2500 years ago

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Use your map

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50% mountainous 20% plain and filed 30% dessert

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Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and very close to Russia (Caspian sea)