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What is Islam's book of worship?



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The Qur'an is the recitation of god's revelation to Muhammad.

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The Islam book of worship is Quran. It may be spelled Qura'n, Quraan, Kuran, Kuraan, Kura'n, Koran, Koraan, or Kora'n.

God revelation of first verse of Quran to prophet Mohamed, through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril), was in year 610 AD (when prophet Mohamed was 40 years old)

The Quran revelations continued until year 632 (when Prophet Mohamed died).


The Koran, basically the Islamic bible..
The Islam's book of worship is the Quran. It may be spelled Quraan, Qura'n, Kuran, Koran, or Kura'n.

Quran is the God revelations to Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) by the Angel Gabriel (Jibril). God revelations of Quran started in year 610 AD and ended by Prophet Mohamed death in year 632 AD.

The other writings of worship are Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) sayings that are Ahadith (plural of Hadith)
The Muslims worship the ONLY ONE Almighty God. The name of the last holy Book of the Muslims is the Qur'an.