What is Islam's method of reaching paradise?

As a true Muslim to qualify for a place in Paradise (Syurga) he/she has to fulfill the following:

1. To believe in, practice & uphold 5 tennets of Islam at all times - the syuhadah (the belief in the Oneness of Allah & that prophet Muhammad is His Messenger), perform daily prayers (5x a day), to fast during the month of Ramadhan, to pay a yearly tithe (in aid of the poor), and to perform the Hajj in Mecca, for those who qualify) at least once in a lifetime; 2. To to preach & practice the teachings as per laid down in the Holy Quran; and to follow the teachings of prophet Muhammad saw through the Hadiths; 3. To carry out all the good things that Allah has prescribed in the Quran whilst at the same time to refrain from doing what has has been forbidden by Allah in the Quran; 4. Not to commit any sin (both Major & Minor), and if one has commited any sin one has to ask for forgiveness from Allah & then to repent; except when he/she commits sins involving his/her aqidah; and 5. To be a good Muslim at all times - be of good character, benevolent, good personal behaviour, honest and unselfish, etc.