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40 21 N

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Q: What is Istanbul's latitude?
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What rhymes with attitude?

Gratitude and latitude and longitudegratitude, latitudegratitudeLatitudegratitude latitude

What are the three latitude zones?

The 3 latitude zones: High latitude zone-poop The high latitude zone is cold. Middle latitude zone- The middles latitude zone is hot and cold. Low latitude zone- The low latitude zone is hot.

Name for lines of latitude?

The name used for lines of latitude is parallels of latitude. The equator is the most common latitude and is known as latitude zero.

What is latitude and latitude of France?

latitude and longitude of France:Latitude of France = 48.818684 Longitude of France = 2.43614

What is the latitude of Darwin?


What is Krakatoas longitude and latitude?

Hello, there it is 147.29 (Latitude) and 111.78 (Latitude)

What is co-latitude and latitude?

Latitude is the measurement of degrees from the equator to the pole so that the pole has a latitude of 90 degrees. Co-latitude is the measurement of degrees from the pole to the equator so that the equator has a latitude of 90 degrees. Also the sum of latitude and co-latitude is always 90 degrees.

The line of latitude that is zero degrees latitude is the what?

Zero degrees of latitude is the Equator.

What is the latitude of Reykjavik Iceland?

The latitude and the of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is about 64.2 latitude

What is the name for a line of latitude?

'Lines' of latitude are often called 'parallels' of latitude.

Is longitude or latitude first?


What is Hawaiis latitude?

Latitude: 19.896766°

Is the equator a longitude or latitude?


What is he latitude of the equator?

This latitude is zero.

Is 44 degrees of the equator latitude or longitude?

It is latitude, since the equator is a line of latitude.

Is Lines of latitude is parallel?

Lines of latitude run parallel to the Equator (which is zero latitude).

What is low latitude?

The Equator is at 0 degrees latitude. A low latitude is a latitude with a low number, ie. relatively close to the Equator. The South Pole is at 90 degrees S latitude, the North Pole is at 90 degrees N latitude. A high latitude is one that is relatively close to the poles.

What are the three climate regions that are based on latitude?

the three climate regions that are based on the lines of latitude are the tropical mid-latitude and the high latitude

What US city has same latitude as Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has a latitude of 52°22'N and that latitude intersects Canada not the US. There are no US cities at same latitude of Amsterdam.

Is the equator longitude or latitude?

Remember it this way....horizontal is latitude and vertical is longitude. To answer your question, latitude is the equator. The equator is a line made up of all the points on Earth that have zero latitude.

Is the equator a line of latitude or longitude?

The equator is the line made up of every point on Earth at zero latitude.

Which goes first longitude or latitude?


How do you spell latitude?

Latitude is spelled correctly.

What is the latitude of the Savanna Desert?

30 latitude

What is the latitude of Greece?

Greece is on the high latitude