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What is It project management?

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Project management certification gives the confidence to handle responsibilities of project manager professionals or team leads. The project management courses train learners with the skills, knowledge, and discipline needed to efficiently plan, manage, control and execute projects irrespective of industry.

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What is the total number of PMP?

Project Cost Management Project Quality Management Project Human Resource Management Project Communications Management Project Risk Management Project Procurement Management Project Stakeholder Management

Who are the practitioners of project management?

Project managers and project management teams, project sponsors

Difference between project management and planning management?

I think by planning management you mean project planning. Project planning is a phase in the Project Management process (initiating, planning, executing, closing). In short, Project Planning is actually part of Project Management.

Do you have Bank management as a project?

how to implement project in banking management?

What is slack time in project management?

what is slack in project management

Who is the author of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge?

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is a book by Project Management Institute. The book talks about knowledge in the project management profession.

What is defference between project management project planing and project implementation?

Project Planning is the key phase in Project Management. Project implementation / execution is actual Project Management phase which is followed by Project Planning phase (where the project deliverables are implemented).

Where can someone go to find out about project management?

There are many ways a person may learn more about project management. For instance, some college business courses teach about project management. Additionally, the Project Management Institute website specifically about project management.

What is goal in project management?

A goal in Project Management is a sentence defining what should be achieved from a project.

Computerized project Management techniques?

"Computerized project Management techniques?"

Where could one find courses in project management in the US?

Courses in project management in the United States can be found attended at The Project Management Institute.This school teaches individuals the basics of project management.

Who would be responsible for creating a project management plan?

The Project Manager is responsible for creating the Project Management Plan for the project.

Do you like project management institute?

Yes. The PMI (Project Management Institute) is the premier institute that determines Project Management processes and methodologies.

How do I become certified in project management?

I would suggest that you take online classes or classes in project management. This will allow you to get your certificate in project management.

What is the Relationship between project management and other management discipline?

What is the Relationship between project management and other management discipline?

What is it management software?

IT project management is an area of project management that has an emphasis on computer technology. This form of project management differs from other management systems in the way that it deals specifically with how information is handled via both software and hardware. For a less abstract definition of IT project management, two questions can be considered: what is IT? and what is an IT project? These questions are answered below, addressing several fundamental aspects of IT project management.

What is a project management work stream?

Project Management Work Stream involves people who are involved in the management of Projects. They are called Project Managers and their responsibilities include:Planning for a ProjectMonitoring & Controlling the Project ExecutionClosing the Project

What is project management knowledge areas?

PMBOK provides the fundamentals of project management, irrespective of the type of project such as construction, engineering, and software. It is an internationally accepted standard that divides the knowledge into nine project management knowledge areas. Each of the nine knowledge areas contains the processes that need to be accomplished within its discipline in order to achieve an effective project management program. Besides, each of these processes also falls into one of the five basic process groups (Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing), creating a matrix structure such that every process can be related to one knowledge area and one process group.The following are the PMBOK process groups:InitiatingPlanningExecutingControllingClosingWhereas the following are the nine project knowledge areas:Project Integration ManagementProject Scope ManagementProject Time ManagementProject Cost ManagementProject Quality ManagementProject Human Resource ManagementProject Communications ManagementProject Risk ManagementProject Procurement ManagementCitation: The Project Management Institute. (2004). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) (3rd Edition). Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute, Inc.

What is Project Management Institute's population?

Project Management Institute's population is 51.

When was Project Management Institute created?

Project Management Institute was created in 1969.

Define the control process in project management?

The contol process is so important in project management. Without control process the project management is incomplete.

What is a national project management organization?

International Project Management Association, also known as IPMA is a national project management organization based out of The Netherlands.

What is the Evolution of project management?

One evolution is from simple project management methodologies for people and organizations just looking to get a handle on a to do list. then on through a fully mature project management methodology and a project management software system.

What has the author Paul Roberts written?

Paul Roberts has written: 'Strategic project management' -- subject(s): Project management, Strategic planning 'Strategic project management' -- subject(s): Project management, Strategic planning

Why are time management communication and motivation given more importance in the project management in contrast to traditional management?

I think the question implies that you believe that Project Management is an evolution of normal, traditional management.Project Management is about a managing a project with a defined length (in time), cost, and specification. Project Management is said to be about 90% communications (thus the importance), as the Project Manager usually has to communicate to a lot of people (stakeholders, employees, etc...), in order to get his/her project done.