What is Italian lawn bowling?

Italian lawn bowling is called Bocce or Boccia and is in the boules family of bowling. This is the art of the underhand toss or roll. It can be a man on man competition or teams of two, three, or four against each other. One team gets two tosses to place the jack on the playing field in the designated area. If they fail, the other team gets the opportunity. The first team to place the jack gets to throw first. The object is to get the bocce call closest to the jack. The teams alternate until all four balls of each team have been tossed on to the playing field. The team with the ball closest to the jack gets to score points. A point is awarded for each ball that is closer the than the closest ball of the opponent. Scoring is usually to 7 or 13. The skill involved is in the throwing or rolling because a good bowler can knock the opposing bocce or the kitty out of scoring range.