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Italy is a country located on the Italian Peninsula on in Southern Europe. Italy shares its northern, Alpine boundary with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. To the east and the west, it is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea respectively.
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Where is Italy?

Italy is the boot-shaped country in Western Europe which isbordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Italy islocated on the north central Mediterranean Sea, mostly between theLigurian, Tyrrhenian, and Adriatic Seas. --- Italy is located in Southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula. It ( Full Answer )

Who is Italy leader?

The leader of Italy is the President. The current president (11thpresident) of the country is President Giorgio Napolitano (ReGiorgio) and he started his governance since 2006.

What do people do in Italy?

People have a wide variety of professionals in Italy. These includethe food industry, fashion industry, travel industry, and workingas doctors or lawyers, as well as jobs in manual labor.

Who are the allies of Italy?

Italy's allies would be the 26 countries that are members of NATO.The members of the European Union would also be allies of Italy.

How do you fax to Italy?

To fax to Italy from the US you would need to dial: 011-39-fax number 011 is to dial internationally 39 is the international country code for Italy Drop any + or 0 from the start of the fax number when dialing.

What are the mountains in Italy?

The Alps and the Apennines are the major mountain ranges in Italy.The Alps run in a west-to-east arc from the Cadibona Pass to northof Trieste, at the head of the Adriatic Sea. The Apennines run downthe Italian peninsula from the Cadibona Pass to the tip of Calabriaand continue on the island of Sici ( Full Answer )

What is popular to do in Italy?

i think the most popular thing in Italy is their food because is the most popular food in Italy.

What are traditions in Italy?

A few traditions in Italy are Festa Della Repubblica, celebrated onJune 2nd, and Tarantella which is a form a dancing.

Who is the Pope in Italy?

There is only one Pope for the Catholic Church, and he is currentlyPope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger of Germany; he lives in theVatican City State, which is sovereign and not a part of Italy. Update: Since March of 2013 the pope is Pope Francis.

Birds of Italy?

700 turtledoves died for unknown reasons in italy. It also happened in Arkansas, Sweden, Louisiana, and other places. I think it all involves aliens

An fact on Italy?

it looks like a boot ACTUALLY Italy dosent look like a boot that is Lousiana

Things to do in Italy?

There are many activities in Italy, including museums, festivals,and visiting beaches. Tourists can also enjoy skiing, cycling,windsurfing, and boating.

What religions do they have in Italy?

There are different religions in Italy. The biggest religion inItaly is Catholicism. They also have Christian, Pentecostal,Evangelical, Assembly of God, Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, andothers.

What grows in Italy?

The things that grow in Italy include the same things that aregrown in other areas like olives, wheat, rice, garlic, and othervegetables. Grapes also grow in Italy, where they grow wine grapes.

What was the Battle of Italy?

\n. \nThere was not an actual battle of Italy. There was the famous battle of Sicily which took place all through out the island.\n. \nThe battle of Sicily played a major role in the decision to overthrow Mussolini and begin negotiations to surrender. Of course, the Germans continued to fight for ( Full Answer )

What are Italys religions?

roman catholic roman catholic that is the religion, this is their life style The most wonderful thing about Italy is that there is something for everyone. Romantic cities, breathtaking scenery, perfect climate, mountains to ski and walk in, lakes to be sailed on and holidayed beside, festiva ( Full Answer )

Who is the monarch of Italy?

King Umberto II was the last reigning monarch and he was a member of the house of Savoy. The Italian monarchy was abolished on the 9th May 1946 and he died in 1983.

What animals are there in Italy?

There are lots of animals in Italy including: Albine ibex , Brown bear ,Chamois ,Wolves ,Wild Boar ,Elk ,Mediterranean Mon,Seal ,Asiatic Jackal ,Cross Fox ,Ermine,Egyptian Mongoose ,Beach Marten,Otter ,Eurasian Lynx ,European Polecat ,Dolphin ,Whales ,Bats ,Rabbits ,Hares ,Voles ,Mice ,Dormouse :)

What is it like in Italy?

Italy is a very diverse country. Sicily, for example, is entirely different in most ways from the northern regions adjoining Switzerland or France.

How interdependent Italy is?

Italy depends on the cooperation of other countries for economicgains. Trading is an important business for Italy and otherinterdependent countries.

Fact about Italy?

The official language of Italy is Italian. Italy has a Unitaryparliamentary constitutional republic government with a presidentand prime minister.

When did Italy become Italy?

There have been many changes in Italy's borders during the 20th century; however Italy became Italy in 1861 with the Risorgimento, or the unification. The risorgimento united Italy between the papal states, the kingdom of Sicily and calabria, the venetian empire and several other regions. The cu ( Full Answer )

What to do in Italy?

there are many things! you can go visit naples underground in naples obviously. naples underground is where innocent citizens lived for years while they were being bombed in world war 2. it is a very interesting sight! you can go through a tiny tunnel that you can just slide through. there is absolu ( Full Answer )

What is there to do in Italy?

There are so many things to do in Italy! The problem is deciding which cities to spend your time in. In Florence, you can climb the Duomo stairs to see the entire city, you can see the statue of David carved by Michelangelo, as well as the painting of the Birth of Venus. Additionally, there is the P ( Full Answer )

What Do you get from Italy?

Amazing ingredients for your food, fabulous handbags and clothing and big containers (4L) of Nutella. food poisoning.

What can you do in Italy?

You can do many things in Italy. The main tourist attraction is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You should definitely visit that. Also be sure to try some of their pizza and pasta for an original taste. Make sure you pick up some neat clothes, also. Rome, Italy's capital, is loaded with things to ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Italy?

Depends on where you're starting from, how fast you want to getthere, and how much you want to spend. Italy is in Europe, so ifyou're on another continent it'd probably make most sense to fly. There are several large cities you could fly to, including Rome,Naples, Venice, Milan, and Turin. If you t ( Full Answer )

Why is Italy called Italy?

Italy is called Italy Because there was once a man who had a horses. One of his Horses was called Italy. The man was out excersising his horse one day, and the king was also out! The King was out walking in the forests. The man saw a woman in the distance about to shoot the king! When the gun fired ( Full Answer )

Is Italy called little Italy?

There is a "Little Italy" in the all major cities in the World. For example, in Toronto the Little Italy located in downtown at College street area

Where is Italy and why is it there?

Italy is in South Europe and it is there due to plate tectonics, which cause the continental plate that Italy is on to shift into its present position. The formation of the Alps shows the colision of two continental plates, which forced the plates to extend upwards.

What is Italys topography?

Italy is very mountonious with plains. The alps are in Italy and so are other mountain ranges.

Is there skiing in Italy?

There are lots of ski resorts in Italy, including some of the largest in the world (Dolomiti Superski). Remember that Italy has some of the highest mountain in western Europe, They run almost the whole length of Northern Italy and there are some further south in the spine of the country

The farming in Italy?

saggy balls in my mouth, a juicy ripe banana being peeled by my teeth and oral "ooh mumma ooh mumma"=Italy's farming. It is absolute bull and i would wipe my crack with it. Such bull should not be tolerated; Italy is a failing country and should be banned of the world and struck off because it is co ( Full Answer )

Is Italy fashionable?

this is just my opion but i always thought it was. they had the cutest skirts.

What are the goods that Italy have?

The goods they have in Italy is the past. The country makes afortune out of many tours from families to school trips.

How was Italy named Italy?

Funky head kids! Following te legend, Italy takes is name from Italo, the king of atown-state in the far south of Italy. It was one of the many greekcolonies part of the so called "Magna Grecia".

Is Italy in Romeo?

The word "Italy" does appear in Romeo and Juliet in Act III Scene i when Mercutio says: "Come, come, thou art as hot a Jack in thy mood as any in Italy, and as soon moved to be moody, and as soon moody to be moved."

What is Italys ethnicity?

In 2001, 97.3% European/White 2.0% Maghreb Or Arabs 0.7% Other 96.8% EUROPEAN/WHITE -95.0% Italian -0.7% Former USSR -1.1% Other White (Notably: Moldovan, French, Germans and Portuguese) 2.2% MAGHREB OR ARAB -1.0% Albanian + Bosniaks -0.7% Maghreb -0.4% Arabs (Turkey, Middle ( Full Answer )

What is the Hippodrome in Italy?

to sing, dance, gather around with friends and many other things. this is a place where most people gather around to enjoy not only the old music but also a new type of music as well as dancing and acting stadium for horse sports

Where in Italy are gelatos from?

The ancient history of Gelato began with the appearance of fundamental elements of refrigeration. It was during that period of time that more advanced recipes began to evolve. Prophet Mohammed is said to freeze down fruit juice by pouring it into a container with ice arround. It was named as "Sherba ( Full Answer )

Where did Italy surrender?

There was no real place of surrender. The Italian Government ousted Mussolini in July 1943 and tried to negotiate a peace with the Allies. After the Allied army landed at the "toe" of Italy the first week of September and they detected a naval invasion force headed towards Salerno, they agreed to su ( Full Answer )

Where is bellagio in Italy?

Bellagio in Italy is in the north of Italy. here is a map to halep show you. It is in Lake Como and is a small town in the middle of the upside down Y

Is there a saint of Italy?

The patron saints of Italy are: * Basillica of Saint Mary Major * Bernadine of Siena * Catherine of Siena * Francis of Assisi * Madonna of Saint Luke * Our Lady of Loreto * Our Lady of Perpetual Help * Our Lady of Pompeii * Our Lady of Tears * Our Lady of the Snow

Is Niece in Italy?

It is spelled Nice but pronounced (niece) it is a city in France near Monaco.

What happend in Italy when Italy surrendered?

When Italy surrendered the Germans took over,the allied forces continued fighting in Italy and bombing campaigns also continued.There is a lot of folk history regarding the Italian resistance,much of it enhanced ,the one thing true about the results of the war in Italy is that it involved the oustin ( Full Answer )