What is Italy's biggest lake called?

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What is the biggest lake?

The Caspian Sea is connsidered to be the largest lake on Earth, but is salt water. The largest fresh water lake is Lake Superior which borders the USA and Canada (and is part of the Great Lakes). (The Caspian Sea borders Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaljan and Turkmenistan.

Worlds biggest lake?

The world's largest lake is the Caspian Sea which is completely enclosed by Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

What is the biggest lake in Texas?

Answer much of texoma is ok, not tx, the largest tx lake is sam rayburn. At the flood control pool (elevation 173') the reservoir holds 1,140,500 acre feet of water which is spread over 142,700 surface acres, according to u.s. army core of engineers. texhoma is around 89,000 so in tx or not texhoma ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Italy's lakes?

Answer Belseno Braccia Trasimero Gordo Como Commechio Cogbinas Lisia D'Iseo Orta Moro Nero Garda Santa Rosalia Occhito and too many more to name on this page..........

What is Italy's biggest forest?

The biggest forest in Italy is the Alpine Forest in the Alps. Themost beautiful of all the forests in Italy is called the CansiglioPlateau. This is an area of vast wilderness with ski resorts andmany outdoor activities available.

What are the two biggest lakes in Germany?

The largest is the Bodensee in southwest Germany. Parts of it belong to Switzerland and Austria. 2nd largest is Muritz in norteast Germany

What is the biggest lake in Scotland?

There is only one lake in Scotland, all the others are lochs. therefore the largest lake in Scotland and the only one is Lake of Menteith.

Biggest lake in Great Britain?

If you mean the island of Great Britain, it is Lake Windemere. If you mean the UK, it is Lough Neigh

What is the biggest lake in Cyprus?

Its the Akrotiri salt lake near to Limassol; at its peak it is 10.65 sq km. Because of the drought in Cyprus, there is very little water in the lake at the present time.

What the biggest lake in Malaysia?

The largest lake located in Malaysia is the Bera Lake. It is a freshwater lake that outflows into the Pahang River.

What is the Biggest lake in WAshington?

Lake Chelan is supposedly the biggest, but I'm thinking that Lake Roosevelt may be. I'm not sure. There are lots of other big ones too. These two I mentioned look more like rivers to me...BIG rivers. :)

What is the biggest lake in Ohio?

The largest lake in Ohio is Grand Lake St. Mary's State Park. It is16 feet deep and 8.20 miles long.

What are the biggest lakes in Canada?

Canada is a country full of many lakes. The biggest lakes in Canadaare as follows; Lake Huron, Great Bear Lake, Lake Superior, GreatSlave Lake, and Lake Winnipeg.

What are El Salvador's biggest lake?

The most important river is the Rio Lempa and is El Salvador's only navigable river.. It originates in Guatemala and cuts across the northern range of mountains, flows along much of the central plateau, and finally cuts through the southern volcanic range to empty into the Pacific. It is El Salvad ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest french lake?

The Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), the largest in western Europe with 582 km², partly in France, partly in Switzerland, is listed in Haute-Savoie for its French part. source: wiki France's biggest lake is to be found in Aquitaine. It is the lake of Carcans-Hourtin-Maubuisson, a real inland sea ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest lake in Minnesota?

The biggest lake within the borders of Minnesota is Red Lake (Upper and Lower). The biggest lake that is partially within Minnesota is Lake Superior.

What is the biggest lake in South Africa?

Lake Chrissie is the largest lake in South Africa, measuring approximately 6 miles (9 kilometers) in length by 2 miles (3 kilometers) in width, and with a circumference of 14 miles (25 kilometers). Its total area can vary seasonally, though. South Africa has few sizable lakes, and none of its riv ( Full Answer )

What are Italy's two main lakes?

Lago di Garda and Lago Maggiore are Italy's two main lakes. Specifically, Lago di Garda also is called Benasco. By either name, it still is a lake that is located halfway between the northern Italian cities of Brescia and Verona. The pronunciation is "LAH-goh Dee GAHR-dah" or "Beh-NAH-skoh." ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest lake in France?

Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French) is the largest lake at 224 square miles, but it is partially in Switzerland. Lac d'Hourtin-Carcans in Gironde is the largest lake entirely within France at 22 square miles.

What are Italy's three main lakes?

Lago di Como , Lago di Garda and Lagio Maggiore are the three main lakes of Italy. Specifically, Lago di Como also is called Lario. It originates in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The pronunciation is "LAH-go Dee KOH-moh" or "LAH-ryoh." Lago di Garda also is called Bena ( Full Answer )

Is Lake Superior the biggest lake?

Lake Superior is the largest of North America's Great Lakes, but not in the world. The Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan is the largest lake in the world.

What is biggest lake in Spain?

It is very difficult to find a list of "lakes" in Spain. What they claim as the largest lake in Spain they describe as a "natural lacustrine system". According to Dictionary.com lacustrine is "Relating to a system of inland wetlands and deep-water habitats associated with freshwater lakes and res ( Full Answer )

What is biggest lake in UK by volume?

Its a Scottish loch called Loch Ness, it is the second biggest be surface area, but the biggest by volume. Its approx 700ft at the deepest point

What are the names of Italy's famous lakes?

Lago di Como , Lago di Garda and Lago Maggiore are famous lakes that are found in Italy. Specifically, the three represent the country's largest lakes. They all are found in the north. Beautiful Lago di Como originates in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. It also is known by ( Full Answer )

Are any of Italy's lakes special?

Yes , lakes in Italy are special. Specifically, Lago di Como is an example of a special lake in Italy. It is found in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. It is one of the country's three largest lakes. It also is considered to be one of the most beautiful, in Italy and indeed in Europe.

What are Italy's biggest exports?

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Is clear lake the biggest lake in California?

The Salton Sea is a saline lake and the largest lake in entirely in California with a surface area of (970 km 2 ). Lake Tahoe is larger (496 km 2 ) though it is divided by the California/Nevada border.. Clear Lake (180 km 2 ) is the largest freshwater lake by area entirely in California.

What is Italy's biggest mountain?

Much of Italy is covered by mountains. The Dolomite mountains which extend across northern Italy are part of the Alps mountain range. The Apennine mountains cut down the center of Italy, stretching from north to south, dividing the east and west coasts. It is Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco as they call ( Full Answer )

What are the biggest lakes in Minnesota?

Ten largest lakes (entire lake within borders of Minnesota): . Red Lake (both "Upper" and "Lower") - 288,800 acres . Mille Lacs Lake - 132,516 acres . Leech Lake - 111,527 acres . Lake Winnibigoshish - 58,544 acres . Lake Vermilion - 40,557 acres . Lake Kabetogama - 25,760 acres . Mud Lake ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest lake in Thailand?

The Songkhla lake is classed as Thailands largest lake, but technically it is a lagoon. So that would make the Nong Han a lake in the northeast of Thailand, the largest natural lake.

What is the biggest lake in South Dakota?

Lake Oahe is the largest lake in South Dakota, coveringapproximately 312,000 acres. Lake Oahe is a man made lake formed bythe Oahe Dam. It spans 231 miles from Pierre, South Dakota, toBismarck, North Dakota. Lake Thompson is the largest natural lake in South Dakota. Waterlevels in Lake Thompson flu ( Full Answer )

What is Italy's biggest soccer win?

The biggest victory in an international match by Italy was a 9 - 0scoreline against the United States, which took place in Brentford,England on August 2, 1948.

What country has to biggest lakes?

Not the United States... Canada has a LOT of lakes as well as Russia. Russia has the largest fresh water lake: Lake Baikal which holds roughly 20% of the WORLD's fresh water. The Caspian Sea is also very large... Might be bigger... Not sure. But The Caspian Sea also is boardered by 5 countries so i ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest fish in the lakes?

By length: Probably the Alligator Gar, though they are more of a river fish. By weight: Probably the Flathead Catfish caught in the deep south, which commonly weigh in excess of 150 pounds.

What is the biggest river or lake in Australia?

Australia's longest river is the Murray River. The largest lake is Lake Eyre, a salt lake (or rather, a salt sink) in South Australia, which fills only once about every ten years.

What are the biggest lakes in Israel?

Israel has two large lakes but they are both called seas. The Sea of Galilee is a fresh water lake, and the Dead Sea is an extremely salty lake.

What is the are the biggest Oceania lakes?

Lake Eyre is the biggest Lake in Oceania. Lake Eyre is in South Australia. South Australia is a state in Australia. And the pacific island Lakes can not be seen on Satellite. But the only one is in New Zea land to be known as Lake TAUPO.Between the New Zea land states called citties. The citties ( Full Answer )